First post, for real now

So, ok, i’ve seen some activity the last couple of days, coming from Gurochan no less, yikes, and some Korean site called Cafe Naver or something, no idea,  so i think it’s a good idea to start posting now….  i wasn’t really planning on showing anything yet but i see some people are interested so i may as well start right away right?

So this post is for you to ask your questions about this game or whatever you want, i’ll be answering and i’ll create a FAQ section later on i dunno. 

First of all, Hi, i’m Vosmug…. and if you notice any spelling mistakes, sorry, i’m not a native  English speaker, so i do what i can; i started this game a couple of months ago but i’m having second thoughts about it now, specially about what it is supposed to turn into, at first it was going to be more hentai focused than anything else but now i  don’t know, that’s my main drag right now, also that stupid final project for college in which i think i’m going to fail miserably.

So yeah, i’m glad you’re interested, even tho, seen the main source of the interest, it might not be exactly what you are expecting, i don’t know yet, let’s see.

Any questions, please feel free to ask, and i think you can post anonymously if you want, instead of going though the hassle of creating an account.

14 Responses to “First post, for real now”

  1. gurochan anon Says:

    Hey! Good to know this wasn’t a fake screenshot or anything, from the gurochan req thread. You could always make it hentai AND guro if you aren’t sure what to make it. School should be a higher priority than this but hey, I’m not your mother and you can do whatever you want.

    Hopefully this game gets far and gets complete! Good luck!

    • I even thought about removing the hentai part, it may seem pointless and repetitive after a while, but nothing is decided yet.

      School sucks man, and yeah i hope this gets completed too.

  2. This is an exciting concept! I’m a fan of games like Demonophobia and Xenophobia, but lolis aren’t my thing. Your screenshots appearing on 2chan, 4chan, gurochan and other sites are creating quite a following! I agree with the above poster. Get that final out of the way and we’ll be waiting.

    PS. keep the screenshots coming when you get a chance!

  3. Eya, paying a visit from g/chan. Yeh as you can tell, the prospect of a demonophobia type game with a non loli has gotten us interested, so no surprises as to what we would like to see. But its your game so your call as to what direction it will head in.

    Either way, deal with your college work first, thats the big priority, game making is a hobby on the side at best.

    Best of luck!

  4. or a game with a male doing horrible (nice) things to females…..kinda a freddie kruger or Jason game

  5. Demonophobia + Actual Clothing damage – Loli = DREAM.
    You can keep these 2 Cents.

    • Ernnn…. well, clothing damage or regular damage (scars, wounds, etc) sounds cool and all, but it would mean a whole new set of sprites for every action, which is not difficult per se, but it would take additional time…. sounds nice, but don’t hold your breath, maybe, maybe not, we’ll see.

  6. One question; is there going to be a way to defend yourself?

    On par with everyone else, best keep your eye on that final project son, and I wish you the best of luck with it.

    Nice to see a loli won’t be put to waste, that said I look forward to this. <3

    • Yes, you can defend yourself, not only running away, there’s going to be weapons you can hold (not many), and some environmental traps that can kill you, but you can activate to damage enemies too.

      Poor lolis…. :(

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Anxiously following this.
    Updates appreciated, just saying

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