Mmmhhhhh… so….. well, i think the game goes well enough, now i’m busy with all the holiday and family reunion business but still working on it, just so you know the base engine is about 90% done, while the events, story and graphics, mmmmmmh around 10% to 15%, maybe less, i think less, but after the engine is finished the rest will be easier, the engine is always the most difficult part, the rest is easier but mostly time and patience….

Dunno what else to say really, the basics are the most important, so before any significant updates or interesting details, i have to finish the boring parts… i think a demo would be possible soon, at least the first area without any story and not many enemies or events (maybe a couple of deaths but not the hentai bits, that’s still at the verge of destruction), so you can have a feel for the gameplay, don’t hold your breath tho, that would be some weeks or probably a month from now so i can put together something significant, that if nothing weird happens, but you know how it is, things can go wrong when you less expect it.

Ummm, yeah, i think that’s it for now, if you wanna know something else just ask.

Random question time:  ¿Do you know who’s the creator of Demonophobia? (Never bothered to look for it) ¿Is he the same creator of Xenophobia? and ¿Do you like the idea of a fan sequel or should this be it’s own thing? (read the FAQ for more info on that one).

14 Responses to “Blarghhhh…..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It looks brilliant…

  2. Seems you might want to get in touch with the creator of demonophobia, i remember him/her hanging out on a site but cant remember which one, hopefully somone else here does.

    As for your questions, can only answer the 3rd one in that the game can be set in hell without neccesiraly having connections to the demonophobia series (especially as from what i understand, each hell is unique to the person experiecing it), you can even do your own interpretation of hell. But yeh gettin in touch with xenophobias creator might not be a bad idea.

    • Don’t know if i want to get in touch with him/her//them, i just wanted to know more about them/him/whatever, and now if they have other projects and things like that.

      This revolves around a book, not sure if hell is involved (yet), it was supposed to be the book itself, specially because at first i wanted it to be different, but if the fan sequel thing is actually done then hell it is.

      I should write a plot summary or something some day.

  3. bryanthunder Says:

    I’ll answer those questions using information I recently gathered.
    1.) Someone with the username: 237氏さん is credited with making Demonophobia.
    2.) Xenophobia started off as a fan-game until the original creator got involved in the development, then crediting themselves as: 窓の人(旧237)
    3.) I believe this project should be it’s own, with a few nods to any inspirational source you may draw from.

    If you’re ever having trouble just let us know, I’m sure you’ll get a few people happy to help in whatever ways they can.

    • Thx for the info…

      Heh, i don’t even have a name yet, that was pretty much the only reason that made me thing about a fan sequel, to include the word phobia for the sake of laziness… and yes, there’s not enough people around to really ask for things, but i’m actually thinking about asking for some help, but it would be on the “ideas” department more than anything.

      • bryanthunder Says:

        I think anyone who’s looking forward to this game has a few ideas about what they’d like to see happen to the heroine, so you’d have no shortage there.
        For the record: I’m a fan of both soft and hard vore, so I like enemies that can eat the heroine. Whether they swallow her whole or if they chew on her, either works for me.

  4. You gonna add a nude section like the last level of demonophobia?

    • Ummm… i don’t think so, maybe if people really want it, but as for me…..don’t like the idea, besides it would need a reason and as of now i can’t think of any.

  5. Coooool!!!
    Moar gore! Moar blood! Moar perversions!

    Btw, why you choose GameMaker? What if someone suggests you another game engine?

    • It’s the only engine i know how to use, and really i’m not that smart to start learning another one, Flash Actionscript seems really popular but seems way more complicated too, but even then Game Maker was complicated when i was starting so…. but yeah, it’s what i know for now….

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What program do you use to draw? =)

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