No idea

Sorry it’s taking longer and longer for me to post, as of now development it’s going slow because of the holidays and all that business…. but it’s going, i haven’t added new enemies, what i did was some traps and a couple of death animations, plus some sprites i’ll need later on, some coding is still left to do, that’s what’s taking longer…. also there’s a new screenshot that looks way better in motion i swear.

Mhhh… since i don’t have much else to report for now i figured i could share some development knowledge, if you care i dunno… anyway, as you can see in the header image, sprites are drawn way bigger than the actual sprite then it’s reduced, even bigger than the image shows, some people say it’s a waste of you know, “drawing”, some detail is lost but it helps to reduce the file size (which for today’s standards is not a big deal) but it helps performance too, a bunch of big sprites take a lot of RAM, besides reduced sprites help mask some mistakes… ummm, and, i really don’t know what else to say… i think that’s it… heh… i’m not very eloquent…

Umm… yeah…

6 Responses to “No idea”

  1. But why not make two versions: SD and HD?

    • That would bring a whole new set of problems since everything should have been done with that in mind from the beginning, besides, i wasn’t really doubting about the resolution, it was just something i thought would be interesting to know.

  2. thanks for the update, she looks quite nice hehe

    • Right? Wouldn’t you feel bad thinking about all the horrible things waiting for her? I kinda do, which is bad sign… mhh…

      • Oh, yes, she looks very hot (I’m loving the clothes!). On the contrary, though, I feel quite good thinking of all the horrible things awaiting her.

        Do you still have to deal with blurry lines when you reduce the image size? I’ve always had a problem with that–not sure if there’s a way to get around it or if you just have to re-draw the outlines.

      • Actually, i had that problem recently, i was doing fine, then it started exporting really ugly lines and blurry as hell, now it works fine again, i don’t know, i think the position of the image the moment you export has to do with the blurriness but i’m not sure, what i do is i export at 200% then reduce it by 50% in some other software, it kinda works but it doesn’t make much difference, because i refuse to redo the lines…

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