Hey there.

I just got back from a holiday trip and….. it was painful… sigh… and as expected i wasn’t able to work on the game because of that … sorry…. but i will be retaking work from today on and, i don’t wanna promise anything but i think  i have enough material to put a demo together  and release it a couple of weeks from now (maybe, i hope). So if you’re still interested in this sinful filth stay tuned for that, also i’ll be making a characters page in the next few days, and soon an ideas page, but i should leave that for after the demo so you can have a better idea on how the game is actually going to work.

Sorry for this mini update, but from now on without all that social craziness things should go better.

Also, i need more questions for the FAQ section, so you know what to do.

EDIT: Holy hell!!!! I forgot is 2012 already, happy end of the world!!!

8 Responses to “Narff!!”

  1. WhiteWind Says:

    How many hours of gameplay do you expect in final release?

    • It’s difficult to predict gameplay time at this point, but usually these games tend to last from 1 to 2 hours, i expect more than that, 3 to 4 maybe, the best way to crank up the playtime is by increasing the difficulty so maybe that could work to extend it a little bit more.

  2. Incognito Says:

    Sinful yes. Filth no.
    Looking foward to the demo even if its months from now. I hope this is as difficult and user unfriendly as Demonophobia.
    Just loved the random hidden death traps

    • Difficulty is something different for everyone, if it is just right for me, it’s probably hard for everybody else, so if it gets too difficult, it probably won’t be on purpose…

      The problem with Demonophobia, for me, was that the difficulty wasn’t coming from the game itself but from the controls and overall poor programming, not saying is bad, but it could have been way better…

      • Incognito Says:

        True but with guro/horror clunky controls are best… for me at least.
        Look at like how resident evil evolved RE4 hit the nail on the head control wise and with difficulty.

        But looking at the demo for Xenophobia its a little bit smoother and the hitboxes work at lot better and he had a great puzzle for the acid trap. But I don’t know weither I agree with the gun or not.

        But to be honest if its too hard e.g. puzzle or boss wise you can count on them googling or posting on forums for answers/tips.

        Hell if possible and/or easy just add a little tip after the person dies/fails 5 times in the gameover screen (I think Dark souls did that).

  3. I wonder, when the game is finished, will there be any possibility of you releasing the Game Maker file so we can mod it? Mods weren’t possible with Demonophobia/Xenophobia, so it’d be nice to have a moddable guro game for once. One made in English, moreover.

    • Umm… i don’t think so… don’t really like the idea…
      I could translate myself into different languages tho, if people send me the script translated i would gladly put it in, that’s as far as modding would go for me… sorry.

  4. ghostalker Says:

    the game will have H scenes?

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