Name and content and problems…


What the hell???? In two days that poll went crazy… it looks suspicious… mhh…

Anyways… there are several issues to attend… first of all content, ok, obviously there’s going to be both now, i’ve been thinking about it, reading some suggestions and the poll obviously… so, there you go.

To the hentai people i wanna ask, are you ok with what you’ve seen in that bare demo thing i posted before? because that’s what i will do, that’s old tho, so i think i can do a bit better now,  but what i mean by that is i won’t be doing full screen CG drawings like those japanese wizards do, i have not enough skill, nor time, nor skill to do that, if you like what i got there, then we’re good to go (let me now about the monster balls too, nnggnhh, don’t now what i was thinking)… obviously this means there will be more content to draw and code, so… yeah.

I haven’t decided if i’m going to censor some stuff by choice, or if will let it run as it is to have it all mixed up… since gore/hentai won censor probably won’t be necessary,  but still, i’ll put it if i feel like it at the end.

Also, as you can see that up there is the provisional name of the game, do you like it? do you want a new one? I’m ok if you have suggestions, i kinda like this one, but i could go back to the original name “prisonkage” too tho, which one do you like better?

More important, i have a big problem right now, i’m having mother board problems, the mouse stopped working, only a wireless one works right now, and sometimes it takes a while to be detected, then the audio just disapeared, there’s no error messages or driver problems, it just doesn’t work anymore, and my internet connection disconnects by itself for no reaosn at all every so often, i have to, not even restart, but shut down completly my pc and then turn it on again for it to reconnect, and i’m fucking tired and annoyed to no end with that, it’s just so… STUPID… so i’ll have to get a new board soon… i’m still able to work tho, but not at the same speed or with the same motivation, i just hate this fucking computer right now i want to toss it out the window… AGHRHGHRGHRH!!!!1

I still wanna upload a demo soon, but i’ll just shut up about it and i won’t say anything else until i’m sure is coming, so please bear with me.

I had a philosophical discussion about guro, hentai, personal preferences and my actual thoughts and limits about it planned, buuuuut, maybe later, if you still care of course… right now is just GAhahghgaAAhga!!!1

15 Responses to “Name and content and problems…”

  1. WhiteWind Says:

    It looks like your problems may be caused by Windows. Before you buy new motherboard try to reinstall Windows (you’ll have to do this with new motherboard anyway)

    • Well, i just tried that this morning and guess what… it didn’t work, it still has the same problems, it runs faster that’s cool, but ghaghaghaghaghagaaa!!!!… soooooo… ugh…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    GAhahghgaAAhga!!!1 to you too, mate.
    Here’s my personal feedback to your post:

    Full screen drawings bore me. You can get those enough on the web, the advantage of having a game is that it all fits together. Drawings would break that, so what you showed in the demo already is what i personally prefer.

    I don’t get why anyone would willingly censor his own stuff without any need, but please, if you feel you have to, at least give people the option to see it without.

    Tricky question. Dehraptus Tome sounds more epic, but Prisonkage is better meme material. I think I prefer the latter, but you should do what you feel like fits the content better.

    Technical stuff:
    I’m positive you could get some people to help a tiny bit financially, thought about donations yet?

    • Hentai:

      What i meant was (my fault i know) to censor the whole hentai part, or the whole gore part, given that some people dont like gore according to the poll. That is blocking certain gore/hentai events from happenning according to your choice.

      Yeah, i kinda like prisonkage better now the first one sounds too… big… but still anything would do.

      Are people really willing to donate? i don’t know, specially since i haven’t really shown anything worthwhile, even so, i don’t have a credit card or bank account or anything like that, i’m just a dumb kid with no internet money knowledge.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I don’t know… censoring entire aspects of the game sounds like a lot of work just to make it less awesome for people who are looking for an offensive game anyway.

        It just sounds like that though. Otherwise, I have practically no idea what I’m actually talking about. Welcome to the Internet.

  3. The poll was posted on gurochan ;) Either way you have a bunch of new people that now know about your game :)

    • Figures… …wait no, it was there before… whatever.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well when word spread it was gonna become a hentai game we kinda flocked to vote guro/hentai even though the vast majority of us coming from there ain’t fussed about hentai, twas all tactical voting to get some gore in.

      • Given the difference in votes, you probably could have gotten away with gore only…

  4. WhiteWind Says:

    What about last post? Why “paused”? For how long “paused”?

  5. “FUCKiingg htiHIOngfg !1 1 1 aghag a_AG gHAGAHgG FFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!11”
    Would make a really angry creepy final boss xD

  6. Anonymous Says:

    can you repost the demo? the link wasn’t useable anymore

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