Canceled… i mean paused… i mean FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: Actually paused until i upgrade this thing, i was testing another board i had lying around and i think i fried my procesor too so there, sorry for the vagueness but this sucks.

Edit 2: Just so you know, the game is not dead yet and i’m not dead either, just very very annoyed, it’s been a while but i will continue as soon as i can, right now i just can’t…. stupid real life…

Edit 3, March 3: I’ve been lurking around and i’ve seen some good H and G games in progress and, do you even want my game now?? ha well, i’m still away but the problem is not really my PC now, remember that final project thing??, yeah… i’m a lazy bastard when it comes to studies and real work but i’m forced to do it, there’s no other choice, anyway, i’m supossed to be finishing that thing by the end of march, i’ll be back way before that i hope, but on that date i’ll be completely free of responsabilities, until i have to get a job of course… nghgnhgh…. if you still care check in by then for news, but i should be working on the game a couple of weeks before that… i hope.

I removed the poll, i forgot about that but is not needed anymore cause it is decided what i’m doing.

The Megaupload link for the early demo doesn’t work, you probably know why by now, i should remove it, i’m not uploading it myself again, cause i can’t right now, and i hate it, it’s just not a good representation of the actual game (well, it kinda is but not quite), and it has nothing really, if someone wants to reupload it for the people who missed it, go ahead, but even if it takes a while, i would suggest you to wait… my fault i know.

I’m not losing motivation or anything, the game is still going strong, in my head at least, actually i have some new ideas now, i even planned a whole new game for later (about 90% of it actually), but i’m not letting this one die out just yet, so yeah… i’ll be back later… soon i hope.

Edit 4, April 11: Well… ugh… expect news by friday maybe monday? stupid delivery, i just hope to satan my CPU still works, otherwise… just… ngnhnghngh…

18 Responses to “FFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!111”

  1. well damn man…….good luck with your pc problems, i know how frustrating they can be!

    well take your time, we wait heheh

  2. Unlucky :< I hope you get back on your feet soon ^_^ I lost a bunch of flash work to a computer death once, not fun :(

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Take your time. Doing creative work doesnt make any sense if you rush it before you’re ready

  4. The Dark Master Says:

    Any chance you might post a new download link now that MegaUpload is gone?

    • As i said i don’t have acces to those files right now so i cant upload it, and as i also said is really not that great, is not very playable, but if you want you can ask around gurochan or around here maybe someone wanna upload it for you.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck with your project good sir.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    people are still eagerly waiting, but real life obligations come first.
    Still wondering which “H and G games in progress” you’re talking about though.

    • Eagerly?? Really?? cool…

      “but real life obligations come first”
      Sadly!!!1! See how much of a lazy bastard i am??

      Hentai and Guro and by that i mean games other people around the internet are working on like Kurovadis, Unholy Sanctuary and others, games which i found out just recently, not sure exactly what kind of content they have cause i haven’t been able to test them throughly (sp? whatever), actually i wanna put a list like they do about similar games, honestly i didn’t think they were that many, of course not all of them i like, i’m interested in or have enough quality, but silly me, i thought what i was doing was edgy and original… pfft, but that’s cool, we have a lot of content now.

      • Stalker Says:

        of course we are still anxiously waiting! :D
        i hope you can make time for the project because even if there are another H-games i love our artwork.

        could you give us a hint of what you got on your mind for the other game? :3

        PD: sorry again for my grammar isn´t my native languaje.

      • Well, i thought about an action platformer game that in paper is almost done, nothing original really, but i shouldn’t even say anything, i need to finish this one first before even thinking about starting that other one.

  7. hey! how is everything going some news? :D

    and dont forget…

    Stalkers gonna Stalk..

    • I really hate to say that i’m having some issues i have to sort out first, broken computer is still broken and i’m barely around home recently, so yeah, that sucks… i’m hoping this madness will end this week…


      Keep stalking i don’t mind…

  8. Games Dude Says:

    Just dropping by to mention you still have my full support and I still follow this blog.

    You haven’t been forgotten!

  9. Good luck with that man, but i got to ask.. there is someway to help you with something?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    you suck man

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