Back on track…. damn it!!!!

Kano Wins!!

Almost 4 months without a full equipped computer, only a laptop every other day… it sucked i can tell you that.

So…. a lot of things happened and are still happening, this year my luck has been stupidly aweful, but at least i’m somehow back… not entirely free tho, i failed on my presentation so  due date was posponed a couple of months, whatever, but at least i can work  on it now…

The worst thing about it is that i’ve been out for so long that remembering codes and retaking work isn’t going to be that easy, also, looking back, i’m not liking my drawing style that much anymore, do you? is not like i can do any better right now, but not as good as i remember… some people have said to me that the previous version looked better (see pic below), i don’t think so, they are probably crazy…

That death on the picture is going to be removed BTW, so there it is… already taking out content yay…


14 Responses to “Back on track…. damn it!!!!”

  1. Dakota Shamblin Says:

    I prefer the new style.

  2. i like both girls but i dont like the grey hair, makes her look older

    • Right, but it is supossed to be black, it is that grey because of the grey lines i use for the outlines, dark colors with gray lines don’t mix well, just look at the blood, the outlines nearby look kinda fugly, i’ll have to re-export some sprites, so maybe i’ll do some modifications…

  3. it great to have you back, cheer up (:

    both models are cool, but the new desing looks a LOT more rich and detailed.
    just a few thing, the swimsuit i feel its a bit anticlimactic, the schooldress its seems more fitting to me. (i know.. its too many work changing that now.. :c)
    beside that.. like the guy above stated i dont like very much the hair colour, maybe changing it to one more colorful.

    good luck

    • The school dress to me is pretty generic by now, that’s why i’m not doing it, besides… it’s more dificult :D, the swimsuit was just a coincidence and it’s due to story reasons…

      Hair color? The only reason for black, was, you know, normal people has black hair… i’ll think about changing it if more people ask for it, but is not really an issue right now…

  4. welcome back vos! Your work is still awesome, not matter how long it takes :P Hopefully your luck will change for the better.

  5. Insanitylass Says:

    aww, you sure you want to remove the death ? there is so few heart ripping in ryona game(if any), my eyes sparkled when I saw your *.* any chance you may rethink about it ?

    • Well, the death itself is not the problem, i only removed it because it looks wrong… i mean, the heart is supossed to be more centered into the chest, and i was too lazy to redo it, if it doesn’t look that bad i could leave it, also i could do new ones involving heart ripping…

      • Insanitylass Says:

        that would be awesome~ say, if you need help, I could propose myself for something, I’m not a programmer or anything, but I do draw sometime if you need a picture for a scene or something.
        anything that would lessen the amound of work on your shoulders.

      • Thanks but let’s see how things go first, i haven’t reached the full graphics stage just yet, but it would be nice to see some of your work, maybe a deviantart page or something, but yeah, as of now i wanna see if can do more on my own… ler’s see if i need help later on…

  6. Insanitylass Says:

    I notice I may not be as much of help for background design as I would for character design, but here is my DA page:

    • Nice, ok, i’ll think abou it, but there’s lots of things that need to be done first…

      • Insanitylass Says:

        my offer don’t have an expiration date, so take your time~ and even if you don’t need me, good luck with the completion of your game, really looking for it

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