Things… going… and contest TIME!!!!

I suck at CGs…

Anyway, finally doing some progress on the hentai content, i’ve had this for a few days now and i still see something wrong with it, but i can’t pinpoint exactly what, maybe the bouncing, i’m not sure, you tell me…

Click Here animation thing woooo…

Or maybe i’ll leave it like that, i’ve been going around that one so many times that it has become a waste of time.


Flash sucks at exporting gifs… and i hate this monster, it looks so stupid, don’t know what i was thinking, so make a better design for this monster, you can use anything: paint, flash, pen and paper then scan or take a picture, photoshop, 3ds studio max, maya, mudbox, zbrush, autocad… anything, just don’t go overboard with it, good or bad drawing i still will have to transfer it into my drawing, so basically i’ll redraw it, my monstesrs are not that nice but i’ll have to keep it consistent (line thikness, colors, etc), besides i’ll have to animate it, the idea is not to make the best drawing ever but to make a better design than mine (not difficult i know)… if you have to explain it do so, but draw something for me to have as a base.

Anyone can join, as i said, drawing skills don’t matter, just a general idea is fine, but some drawing please, no drawing, no go… and your own drawing, don’t explain how it will be with other people’s drawings.

Make your drawing idle stance sprite-like looking slightly to the left or right, not looking to the front, like mine but more to the left.

This is the most common monster in the game so don’t make it too crazy, just a regular monster but interesting.

Keep the same desing in mind, Tentacles, Non humanoid, Same height (see screnshots for reference), other than that, change whatever you want… even if you want to remove the tentacles is fine.

Think about it’s primary way of attacking, it doesn’t deal much damage beacuse well… it’s the first monster, mine did some whip attack with those tentacles, keep it the same or do something else, whatever.

Upload to tinypic or any other image site and post link here as a response to this post.

I’ll select 5 to 10 desings then make a poll. Or select it on my own if i think is super awesome.

Don’t forget to post with the name you wanna be credited with if yours is chosen.

I think that’s it, i’ll take this contest as a refernce for participation to see if i should do this more often or what, in the meanwhile i have to finish the you know what, and probably include this new design there, if this goes well, next one is going to be Boss Design Contest.

Let me know if i forgot something.

Edit: BTW deadline next friday or thursday, or until next post after that, so if there’s not a new post after this, that means its still going.

21 Responses to “Things… going… and contest TIME!!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe it has something to do with how uniform the animation is, or that it almost seems to stand still for a split second once she opens her eyes and mouth, but either way I really like the animation.

    I think the monster you created is hilarious, like something you would see on adult swim.

    • Noticed that, but i doesn’t look like something bad, not sure…

      And that’s a problem, it’s supossed to be threatening or scary, or both.

  2. Insanitylass Says:

    this is interesting~ but for a first monster, it have to be simple…arg XD now I need to aim for ”simple” maybe I should wait for the ”boss” contest ? ¦P jk

  3. Insanitylass Says:

    hmm… is the contest not as popular as we thought it would be ? or the pictures are sent directly to Vosmug ? anyway… here is my entry

    • Nop, no more entries, so much for people wanting to make sugestions and stuff, should’ve asked you directly…

      Anwayy, if there are no more designs you are the winrar but even with more yours is pretty awesome, very cthulu-esque of you, but now you created me a new problem, how the hell am i going to make that thing walk… or crawl… or whatever??? oh well, one thing tho, let’s see how it looks cause i can’t use black, so the eye maybe won’t look as good, we’ll see, but i like it like that, maybe i’ll change all the monsters’ eyes to look the same.

      Man, mine looks so stupid…

      • Insanitylass Says:

        well, I told you I’m willing to help you, so if you want more, I’ll do more, as for the movement, I’m sure it would crawl easilly once you draw it yourself (like you said you would) that pose would be the standing position, when it’s not moving, the black could be changed for darker red or dark purple.

  4. Oh and sorry for double…triple post.

  5. Sorry I am late in the poll, I know I am, but decided to post anyways to show that others might participate but since your activity is a bit random it’s hard to know when you update or not unless email notification is used. Continuing the first image is a joke. It’s a basic slime that could do a number of attacks hentai or otherwise. It’s a slime so tentacles are natural. The second pic would be my entry and also my way of showing your art is good as is. It can be improved of course, but there really isn’t a need unless you truly think there is. My pics are way worse so again…yeah. Also the pic is rushed since I just found out about the As long as I am posting, I wanted to know if there would be vore in this game? If you are in need of help, and I mean desperately than I can help make small things that don’t really require much skill such as tables or backgrounds(or things in them). I don’t think it’s necessary since Insanitylass seems willing to help and their art is 50 times better than mine(even if I took my time). Sorry for the long post and the above comment. That was a mistake on another site.

    • Ha, slimes… i remember those… why am i not using one??

      As i said drawing skills don’t matter, the idea is what counts, i’ll have to redraw anyway, so anything goes… and i can say with complete honesty that your mosnter is way better than mine, so there, i think other people will think taht too i’m sure.

      All backgrounds are 3d, so i’ll take care of that, i’ll decide later whether or not i need more help…

    • Insanitylass Says:

      any idea is a good idea, I really believe so, and art is suggestive, I don’t think my style is better than others (if I believed so, I would not even look at other art and would perish alone in a dark room) I find your monster really nice and also very colorful, in a game inspired on Demonophobia (I think), that kind of creature is really fitting. in the end, Vosmug take what he want to keep, I’m happy if our suggestion are taken into account and I’m looking forward the result.

  6. I didn’t know if the post are coming up or not so I’ve been posting up comments, but seeing none of them show up except the posting one. I’ll just leave a question and possibly the tumblr blog thing I just made to send in a late pic(that sucks) for the contest. Will there be vore in this game and if those comments do show up and if my pics don’t show,I’m sorry I couldn’t participate.

    • Was being taken as spam, he he, actually i said friday but i didn’t post to wait if more people wanted to join in.

      There will be some light vore you could say, i mean, i don’t like that xray thing, but some enemies will eat that’s for sure…

  7. To both of you, thank you for the compliments and understanding. I felt bad that I might make too many comments show up if they did since again I wasn’t sure if they were even going up. Again thanks for that. As for the vore, the x-ray isn’t necessary but depending on whether it’s soft vore or hard vore it could be shown differently. I mean hard vore is easy(blood, guts, ripping,tearing,ect) and I would guess more likely in this game.
    Softvore though could show bulges on the monster from her struggling to get out. And a favorite of mine, soft vore to hard vore, would be the creature instead force feeding itself to her and well…there are many guro things that could happen from there. Just saying an idea or two for the light vore you’ll do or might not do in the game. Thank you for your time.

    • No problem. And a little bit of both then, when i said light i was thinking about no xray or digesting which i don’t really like.

  8. hey, checking in after some time…i know shame on me!
    things are looking good as far as i can tell, and i think i my give this contest a try if you acept stick figures entrys becouse thats the only thing i can draw hehe….well anyway the two entrys so far look good, waiting on more

    • It is supossed to have ended already, if anyones cares to enter should do it now cause in the next couple of days i’m going to post the winner, there are not enough entries to make a poll.

  9. Dry-Drop Says:

    This is just my perception on things but… As far as the animation goes I think the thing that looks a bit odd might be the fact that the tentacle and the girl are both moving in a synchronous matter… Making the thrust happen near the top when it maybe should be happening near the bottom… In other words: The tentacle pulls out all the way when the girl is at the bottom and thrusts in fully when the girl is at the top (this might make it appear as a weak thrust) Vs. having the tentacle thrust in fully as the girl nears the bottom, pushing her to the upwards position (with her pain/pleasure face), stop near the midpoint making it seem it’s pulling out half way and when the girl is nearing the top have the tentacle be in the retracted position and start going down with the girl following closely behind only to be thrust when she’s nearing the bottom… does this make sense to you? Uhmmm…. think of it like a lag effect Tentacle goes up! Girl lags behind, Tentacle goes down! Girl is decelerating from going up before she goes down… wait for it… and girl goes down… Tentacle Goes UP! uh oh… girl is still comming down because of gravity! Tentacle Deeply rape girl, stops her and starts pushing her up! Tentacle go down! Girl still decelerating from going up! wait… and… she stops! And goes dow…TENTACLE UP!! (pain/pleasure face) …Something like this is what comes to mind xD

    • Damn man, that’s a bizarrely detailed explanation of tentacle physics…

      It does make sense, and i see the problem now, you are right, the motion doesn’t show enough force, it seems rather gentle without the facial expression actually, i know i asked for it but i tried to do a test and it turns out it’s easier just to start over than to modify this one, so i’ll leave this one as it is and take your advice for next animations, and since this one has other tentacles holding her limbs, it may look like those are the one controling the motion, so is not that far off after all, but yeah, there are more similar animations, so i’ll fix the motion for those ones, thx.

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