A winner is you!!

This is the winner of the so called “contest” i did, made by Xblurp, so there, happy congrat… christmas, whatever.

Since there are not enough entries to make a poll i just chose it myself… i know what you’re thinking so allow me to explain, i know the other one was technically better, but this one does look more like a simple yet threatening¬†monster, a normal goon you could say, while mini cthulu by Insanitylass looks more like it should be a major enemy, way more threatening and even powerful, the sole knowledge of it’s existence could destroy your mind (*wink*), i do like it a lot too so to thank both of you for participating i will use it too for later on in the game, but Xblurp is the official winner, even your slime suggestion/joke could come in handy later, never tought about that cause it is so common but it goes perfect with a particular area.

Thanks again to both for taking the time to participate.

As for the game, been working on the demo and it’s looking like an actual game now but i still wanna add more conent, most of all i’ve been changing and retouching some gfx and adding new ones of course, that’s why it’s takling longer than i expected, some changes won’t even be noticeable but in my opinion they make it look better, i think it probably will be ready for next week, but please don’t hold your breath, your brain could die out of lack of oxigen.

5 Responses to “A winner is you!!”

  1. Insanitylass Says:

    congrat Xblurp =^_^=

    • Thank you for the congrats and a congrats to you as well seeing as how we will probably seeing your creature soon too. And thank you Vosmug for picking mine.Also you made my creature look so much cooler than it was.lol

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My brain died long ago. Still posting though, cause on the internetz, nobody sees the difference.

  3. wow….looks good, can’t wait to see what that guy does…..congrats to the guys above, and to you vosmug! see you guys soon i guess

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