Minor Setback

Sorry i’ve been in an emergency trip out of town since last wednesday, by emergency i mean it wasn’t planned, i’ll be back tomorrow monday and i’ll retake work right away, next post will surely be the demo, so please don’t kill me.

I hope the wait and all this problems were worth it when you finally get to play it, and i hope i’m not driving people away, but man, you don’t know, you don’t know.

Also, a little bird told me this is also considered as a ryona game, didn’t know that, i guess i did but didn’t know the “genre” had a name.

16 Responses to “Minor Setback”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Make that picture the game’s endboss pls

  2. It’s no prob.Things come up.

  3. WhiteWind Says:

    I guess, you played BlankBlood?)

  4. Insanitylass Says:

    welcome back (also got back from somewhere I didn’t planned do go at first)

  5. AnonymousFacedfish Says:

    Well, as long as the demo comes out sometime soon, I’ll play it with some gladness and slight disgust!

  6. nice to see you back, good luck and good work and all that! heh i guess i’m late to comment since u are already back but anyways looking foward for the demo

  7. So if I may ask how is the progress going on the game/demo? I just ask since im really looking forward to playing it.

    • It’s been a troublesome progress to say the least, demo should be up for today, game is not looking so good right now for different reasons completly unrealted to the actual game development process, but first things first.

  8. AnonymousFacedfish Says:

    So it’ll be out today?

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