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  1. AnonymousFacedfish Says:

    Right on time!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hey i’d say it’s a great so far. is it intentional for the plant monster to not have a warning sign, like no shadow or saliva?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    oh sorry now i realize i should look “up” where it is

  4. Anolicious Says:

    Okay, I’ve played through it and I was more than impressed. Nicely done, man. A lot more enemies than what I was expecting, too. That was pleasantly surprising.

    A few things that I should note:
    1) This is a minor thing but it really sort of bothered me throughout. During conversations “I” is always capitalized. It’s a personal pronoun. Like Mike, Jane, etc. So, an example would be: “I am a big fan of this game.” You may also want to consider getting a proof reader/editor.
    2) Emi could use a smaller bust size (she’s shorter, that’s pretty cool), or something like that, to differentiate her from the main character a little more.
    3) Those ceiling plant enemies appear difficult to pass through without dying. Is there a trick to them outside of taking damage? I basically get hit and then run through. Sometimes I just run past them but usually get killed.

    1) If you walk into a wall with the chest hugger, and keep pushing in that direction, the sprite will revert to a regular, standing pose.
    2) Pushing the chest hugger off shows a different nipple color than the standard.

    1) The difficulty was right on the money for the most part, aside from those ceiling plants. But it may be a tad hard for most people to get through as I am rather familiar with these games.
    2) The first level was actually kind of long. The check points were nice but I think it was a tad complicated for an introductory challenge. You could perhaps break it up a bit, using parts of it for other levels?
    3) I liked the balance between h elements and the rest. I think that sexual elements should be well hidden among the stages. It’s more rewarding that way in my opinion. I would also like to see more uses for the F key. I certainly didn’t expect it to be all that useful when I first tried it out but it’s a neat mechanic.
    4) Crawling animation. I think it would be useful for getting through obstacles and enemies.

    • 1) I dind’t know that, even tho i don’t remember using i in lower case, have to check that out… and it’s true that i’m not good at dialogs, writing or typing for that matter.

      2) She actually does have smller breast size, but is clearly not tnat obvious, could be a bit smaller, we’ll see.

      3) Well, you just move and crouch, while it’s going up again you run, there’s no special trick, only thing is that they don’t go down when you are near, they do when you’re exactly under it, sometimes they don’t even react, that’s a bug, heh.

      1) Noted and Fixed.

      2) I checked and is because it uses the shadow color for pink which is exactly the same as shadow for skin, so it looks the same since her arm is projecting a shadow, not sure if it needs to be changed, now, i shouldn’t have used dark outlines for hte nipples, if i fix taht then i can replace nipple shadows for a darker pink instead too, but there are so many sprites now that it wouldn’t be fun at all.

      1) As i said i want it to be difficult, bacaues that’s how i like these kind of games too, but if it results to be too difficult or impossible for most people, then it should be changed.

      2) Mmmhh, maybe? don’t know, but the introductory level was supposed to be the red one, still, going to see what happens, i see no problem for now but let’s see.

      3) Yeah, i’m still thinking where and how to put more H content since i don’t think i can get away with using the same position and motion of the ones i already have again and again. And I have some more F uses yeah.

      4) Heh, was going to put it in, but the animation resulted a bit difficult for me, if i manage to make it look good, then sure, but is more about drawing skill than anything else.

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

      • Anolicious Says:

        Regarding the difficulty, I think a few people had trouble getting passed the enemies and getting to a checkpoint. Demonophobia had that issue in spades, which made it incredibly frustrating at times. I think that is why Xenophobia introduced a stationary save system. Save points, basically, that you could come back to, and save marks where you could resurrect. I personally find the latter (Xenophobia) to have a much better system. Something to think about, I guess.

        Also, if the red level was the intro level, then my bad. It was pretty nice and short. Could use a challenge/boss of some sort, maybe?

        In terms of drawing animations, you may look into a 3d program. I do know there are a few reference sites online that have figures and animations you can use.

        Some miscellaneous things I forgot to mention:
        1) There is a weird scan line that goes through the game window occasionally. Pretty easy to ignore but I thought to mention it. Mostly when the character is moving around.
        2) When the bat guy introduces the dungeon/Prisonkage, I think simply calling it the Prison or Shadow Prison would work better.
        3) I hope you create a few surprise/secret rooms. Extra rooms that require something for the player to do in order to see a unique scene or get a game over.

        Good luck!

      • I’m actually starting to think about savepoints instead of checkpoints… a lot is still in progress… i could easily put a savestate system since is actually integrated by default in GM, but i’m not a fan of those, so, probably not.

        1) I have a feature called V-sync which will remove that but decreases system performance, never tried it tho, will play around with and see how it works.

        2) MMmmhhh, not really a big issue but calling it different doesn’t hurt either, even tho it comes from Cage and not Kage, the relation to a Shadow Prison was just a happy coincidence

        3) Mhhh…


      • Anonymous Says:

        Please, don’t change her boobies, they are perfect the way they are!!!

    • Just noticed that I use “i” a lot, never noticed, but didn’t know either.

  5. PerBert Says:

    The game is really great but has some really frustrating points. For example the bouncing raper is a real fun at the start but soon becomes a tease, continuosly jumping on you when you are trying to do something. It would be better if it was more difficult to escape but to have it gone away after you succeed in escaping.

    And I’ve actually give up to find the timing to pass the combined spike+drill double trap.

    But I’ve really liked both the graphics than gameplay and obviously the ryona/sex parts, even if I prefer the sex to the violence. On this issue I believe that it would be just fair that also sex parts have a “finisher” of sort, instead of an infinite loop.

    Cheers for your great work

    • I might check on the blob, maybe delay it’s jumps after the other a bit, but yeah, just noticed that it it corners you, you could get stuck for a while, since it’s fast to jump again on you, it’s still manageable tho, so will check it and see waht can be done.

      It’s not difficult, just tricky, the sound is a better indicator, when the spikes are first you have to run after the drill’s been out a bit and run while it’s still on, when you get to it it will be hidden already, when the drill goes first, you just run.

      Well, never thought about that but since the animations have several frames, it seems like a waste keep drawing on the same sprite when i could draw a different one, and the finisher would contradict the hentai game over mechanic, so not sure about taht one.

  6. Demonophobia was one of my favorite games and somehow you have made it better. Not just a little better, A LOT better!

    Really, the ideas are amazing.

    As far as difficulty goes, it emulates Demonophobia perfectly. Its hard, some times frustrating, but its perfect. Keep it up!

    • I still like Demonophobia a lot, not so much for the gameplay but for the concept and ideas, which in my opinion are way better, i don’t think this one is as frustratingly difficult as Demonophobia tho.


  7. Firestorm43 Says:

    Oh yes. Many Demonophobia flashbacks with this; but new experiences, too. I’m loving this.

    Really great work. Looking forward to more.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Less Guro more focus on different sexual components. Great game but if there is going to be much guro it might turn off a wide audience.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. Aside from a few bugs and glitches(which I took advantage of lol) it was a lot of fun. The difficulty was hard at first, but unlike a lot of games you can actually get through this without having to rely on luck. I like how most of the enemies react as well. The plant did give me a problem for a while, but then when I realized what I was doing wrong it became easy to get past them. Both the guro and sexual content is great and I hope to see more. I have some ideas if you’re ever interested for both the “F” button mechanic and other positions for the sexual motions.
    As far as glitches and bugs go I’ll name one or two that weren’t mentioned above. O don’t know if it was meant, but the first red orbs you get in “her room” continuously re spawn so I was able to rack up on the first three equipment pieces with enough to spare for the whole game, not that I tried going that far so I don’t know the limit. Another are those small blobs. Some times when entering a room or killing a bigger blob and it splits, one of the blobs will stay in place. This is good if it’s in the air or ground, but when you have to go past it you get stuck with it attacking you since there’s no way around if you can’t go back. Also the number of blobs that come from the bigger blobs changes between four and five.I’m unsure if’s that meant or not so I just put that there.
    As far as personal opinions go, I don’t have problems with much of any of the creatures so I wouldn’t mind if all their actions stood the same attack or otherwise. The check points I thought at first should have been closer, but towards the end I noticed it became more common so again no real probs(for me at least). The attack for our lovely heroine is creative, using the bat to attack, and it was fun killing the creature I had drawn up lol, but hopefully the bosses won’t be too difficult as I can see both from the limit of attacks, lack of jumping, and way of attacking it’s going to be hard. I figure you already have plans for that though.
    To get down to my last bits for this comment, I hope to see more from both the worms, and my creature. Not what they do, but more of what happens after their attacks. I know this is a demo so it might be in already, but both death scenes are lacking. When the worms kill you nothing happens. You just fall to the ground. As for the whipping attack, as an extra detail, not necessarily needed, bruises could be left on her when she goes down. That’s it and oh this demo is such a tease. I can’t wait to see more.

    • That’s actually a severe glitch/bug, should be fixed right away. The blob things you say, yeah, happened to me too, but didn’t quite got why was taht, need to be fixed too.

      Not all monster are supposed to have a kill, there are some that are normal, it would be a waste if i do every enemy with a special kill, i mean, it will take a lot of time for something you will only try to get once, and then will avoid for pretty much the rest of the game, doesn’t seem viable to me, i planned one kill for your worm tho, that should be there in the future.

      Send me your ideas for F key and animation to vosmug@hotmail.com, normally i’m not accpeting ideas, but since you helped me participating then go ahead, or just post here if you want don’t want them to be secret.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    So it seems to be EITHER Guro OR Hentai deaths?

    • I don’t get it, what’s your point?

      • I assume he’d like hentai and gore in the same death scene. Like a monster rapes her, then pulls off her head at the end. Or something like that. But I think you knew that.

      • No i didn’t, and that seems pretty evil, not sure if i wanna do that.

      • Haha, yeah. That is pretty evil. Though at the very least she’d have at least one pleasurable death.

      • Anonymous Says:

        And here was I hoping, no actually thinking, that this was the entire idea behind the game. Ohwell…

      • That wasn’t the idea, actually all of the hentai came later, at first it was going to be full on gore.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Although I liked demonophobia and I ended up beating it, it’s REALLY easy to say your game is far more polished. The animations are very fluid, the enemies are interesting, I liked the level design (I recall the part where the things on the grind decide to pop UP for the first time, instead of down, resulting in a cheap death, but then the checkpoint was right there so you could appreciate the moment without being frustrated that you had to do that part again)

    Really liked the F button function, too.
    I’m sure you’re flooded with suggestions, but here’s my thoughts:

    1) The non-raping enemies feel just right; when you see a new one, there’s a moment of “oh god what do I need to do” that I really like.

    2) H-enemies are borderline harmless, and sometimes I found myself dodging harmful enemies because I was invincible and then thrown to the door. I feel that h enemies should be tweaked; maybe their strength increases the more times you’re caught by them, which would give an incentive to dodge. Or maybe their grip gets stronger the less health you have.

    3) I’m not sure how much of the game you’ve completed so this one may be irrelevent, but at one or two parts during the game, you might could make the F function change; It’d be a little bit of variety that would be really appreciated

    4) I see a lot of people talking about the plants, but I didn’t have a hard time with them.

    • 2) Added the grip thing, but instead it increases if they catch you again and again.

      3) Could be, but no idea what right now.

      4) Well, they gave me a hard time while testing too, but you get used to them, still, since taht was the most common complain i tweaked them already. I will update later.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    ^Sorry, read a few of the comments and realize you’ve already addressed a few things I said.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Hey there. May anyone tell me how do you pass through the axe trap? I’ve tried everything I can think off and *chop chop* … lol

  14. Hey there. May anyone please tell me how to get through the ceiling axe trap? I’ve tried everything I could think off, but it’s just *chop chop* lol…

    • Anolicious Says:

      You need the chest hugger. Use the F key, with the hugger, facing the axe trap. If it doesn’t work, get a little closer and repeat.

      The trap chops both the protagonist and the hugger, if she’s carrying it. Which is the hint.

  15. I’m a big fan of games of this genre, and this game is VERY good ! I love it !

    Just some suggestions to make it even better in my eyes :

    1) I’ve just encountered the blue “blob” trying to rape me. Pretty good idea for the escape system, but not that challenging… It will be interesting to add something for that : for example have less and less time to empty the progression bar for the escape if it catches me several times ? And I was a bit frustrated to see an infinite-loop animation for the death with this blob. I would LOVE to see a nice finish move !

    2) I found sometimes the checkpoints very distant from one to another… Especially when you have dialogs with the little devil : there should be a chekpoint just after the dialog in my opinion !

    3) The hability to move when crouched will be a big + for the game !

    4) More uses for the F key ! This is such a good idea ! It must be exploited !!! :-D

    5) It would be awesome if we can have a menu to replay all death animation we have ever seen in the game, just like in SplatterSchool ! But I think it’s not something to do right now, maybe later, after the game is fully completed. :-)

    So, that’s what I wanted to say ! And I just want to say again that I LOVE this game and thank you very much for the work !

    • 1) Added a grip increase, about the finish move, as i said i dunno if i wanna spend more time on sinngle enemies, but other may finish in the future, still a long way to go.

      2) I wanted to do that, but checkpoints would make the game shorter, i might add faster text skipping instead, not sure yet.

      3) Not sure about that, i have avoided that one siince the beggining, that would make this a Demonophobia clone, don’t wanna do that.

      4) Have a few, yeah.

      5) Probably, but the idea of people replaying sounds fine too :D

  16. Got this error message when you use the sword skill while turning around and it can be repeated.

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Step Event
    for object obj_shadow_en:

    Error in code at line 2:
    x = shd.x;
    at position 10: Unknown variable x

    Other then that, great game. the hardest part will be to wait for more ^o^

  17. Hi ! How to pass the ground-raping plant ? It always throws myself to the wrong side and I can’t go forward !!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    There should be a checkpoint after you talk to the little devil, where you enter the room that looks like hers.
    I’m not really good at games like these, and I am frustrated.
    Since everyone else seems happy with the difficulty, perhaps make the checkpoints optional by difficulty levels?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Also: Ceiling instant killers REALLY need a crawling animation, otherwise they are frustrating

  20. toffisama Says:

    Just played the demo. Awesome stuff! Especially the H-content. Definitely needs more of that.

    The difficulty is just right in my opinion. It’s a challenge alright, but not frustrating.

  21. Analogman Says:

    I must say, your game is amazing. it is really good, pretty good animations, it is hardish (some times a bit frustrating, but stil…) and the character is great.
    Im more a fan of the h-scenes than guro, but men, the game is good, as of my point of view i would suggest to add more h-content. Also i liked the outfit, but maybe some more elaborate could be a bit more sexier (however that’s my point of view, maybe u like swimsuit more, im more of the high-heels-schoolgirls style)
    and as someone said before, a finish animation for h-scenes would be great instead of an infinite loop, (like the monter cumming and she faints (and more mosters rape her/ she appear handcuffed some like it, showing – no possible scape now – )
    Contratulations, your game is excelent!, btw, wich software u used for drawing? i would like to learn something!

    • The swimsuit was completly a coincidence, since i had the idea to start in a pool, it was pretty random, also, since it’s tight and smaller than regular clothes, it’s easier to animate.

      Not sure about finishers yet, maybe other enmies, as i said, is not a good idea for me to spend much time on single enemies.

      I use flash.


      • Analogman Says:

        can i suggest a succubus monster that wants to rape her? that would be amazing. (i love hentai way more than violence)

  22. Dude, the sprites are amazing. =)

  23. Anonymous Says:

    This is an awesome game, and well worth the wait! With this quality it will surpass Demonophobia.

    Is there any chance of a death scene where she is reduced to a skeleton or a pile of bones?

  24. PerBert Says:

    Uhm, just a precisation. When I suggested a “finisher” for the “sex game over” I was not meaning a “death” animation but a “climax” one. You know, it just seems right ( :D ).
    And better than an endless loop (even if you really made a GREAT “sex” loop).

    After all I’m of the “better sex than guro” party :P

  25. First of all, this game is 0.1, right? And yet it’s already more polished than Demonophobia and Xenophobia.

    What I liked:
    -Heroine’s swimsuit. It’s hot. I spent much of my playtime admiring the heroine’s appearance.
    -The F key mechanic. I was really starting to like that chest hugger thing–then I got to the ax room.
    -Animations. Far beyond the Phobia games already.

    What I noticed:
    -You actually had that flying thing acknowledge the heroine’s lack of reaction for falling into Prisonkage. Nice use of lampshading there.
    -On that note, the flying thing reminds me a lot of that thing from Hanakanmuri–that thing that also guided the heroine through the game. Was this an intentional reference?
    -The monster also acknowledges that the heroine was raped by the rape balls(and didn’t react much). This makes me want to try and go through that part without getting raped even once and see if he still says that.

    What could be improved:
    Well, this is 0.1, so many of these things are probably already on your to-fix or to-add list.
    -It does seem odd that crawling isn’t an option, especially with enemies like the ceiling plant.
    -That rape ball is annoying. I know other people talked about this already.
    -Maybe some more elaborate, dramatic deaths. But I’m almost positive you’ve got something like that planned for later.
    -Finisher sex. Not sex-to-guro; just an actual climax. Maybe the heroine’s expression could slowly change as she gets raped and she could be smiling and drooling by the time you get the “Trapped” game over.
    -Post-death twitches.

    One last thing: are you using Flash for animation? Because last time I tried animating with Game Maker, I was convinced it was next to impossible and it made me hate pixel animation to death.

    • 0.1 is only a demo indicative, the full game will start from 1.0.

      – Glad you liked her, cause i was staring to dislike my drawing style in this one.

      About Hanakanmuri, well damn, i had a red little hooded demon, and i changed it becuase it looked too much like Ritz from Demonophobia, now it turns out i made look like another one?? Haven’t played so….

      I want to avoid being a Demonophobia clone, even tho some people already think taht… so no crawling for now.

      The blob thing is already tweaked, will update later.

      More elaborate would probably mean torture, which i said i’m not doing, or at least not in mi plans right now, read the FAQ for more details.

      I’m thinking about the finishers too, but it would be some extra drawing that i’m not very excited about.

      Have some twitches thought out, but only for some deaths.

      Yes i use flash, animating directly on GM would be very tedious and time consuming and not very productive in the long run.

      • The in-game art is great; the cutscene portraits are a bit rougher, but good enough for all intents and purposes.

        Hanakanmuri is another guro game with deaths scenes that legitimately make me sad. The girl screams and cries for her parents and sobs as she slowly bleeds out. I may be a heartless jerk, but I have my limits as well. Helps that she’s really cute.

        I’m not sure it can technically be a clone if it’s better than the original. Yeah, Prisonkage resembles Demonophobia, but that’s not a bad thing, and it’s easily distinguishable as its own game, and still would be if the heroine could crawl.

        I’m not a big fan of torture either. I’m not sure quite what I meant by “more elaborate deaths.” I had something in mind when I typed that, but I lost it. Brain play, I guess. Or decap, closely followed by slicing up her body piece by piece.

        Oh! That reminds me! Monsters playing with her body after death. A) That would set it apart from Demonophobia, B) it’d subvert the thing with video games where enemies suddenly forget you ever existed when you die, and C) it would be pretty awesome.

        If you don’t end up doing that, I might (drawing up a few sketches in Gimp here. Animating dynamic deaths is a lot of work, isn’t it?). I’m not sure how much is in your plans, but I’d say, based on what I’ve seen, go with your plans. I want to give feedback just in case I have an idea at some point that you like and haven’t thought of yet.

      • That sounds terrible, not a fan of that, not even of dialog over H or torture scenes, pleeding for their lives just make it worse.

        Crawl not in my plans right now, sorry, you’ll have to adapt for now.

        MOst of the deaths i had plannes a very quick, but yeah, some are extended but won’t involve torture, but now i’m seeing that probably i will have to cave to that in the future.

        When you say “playing” in the context of this game sounds like necrophilia….. yikes…. some enemies eat flesh, and some just drag her to, who knows, taht’s waht i have for now…

        About suggestions, i will have to make a suggestions page later… even tho i said i wasn’t going to do taht…

      • If I think about it, not giving the victim a chance to plead and cry is worse, but I feel less bad about killing the Phobia girls than Hanakanmuri’s heroine. Even with a guro fetish, I still have a conscience, and I still hate seeing people in pain (IRL, anyway).

        I can cope. Crawling isn’t necessary, anyway. I like your design so far, so I doubt I’ll object to whatever comes out in the end.

        “Playing with” wasn’t intended to mean necrophilia, but I see now that that’s obviously how anyone would interpret it. Poor word choice on my part. Dragging away and/or eating is awesome as it is.

        I read the FAQ a long time ago, then again just after I finished posting. I have no objections to any of your design decisions: you ARE making a game to appeal to a very small percentage of the population, after all. It’s solid, moderate guro with no extra fetishes that the general guro community might disapprove of. Technically, this is perfect for what you’ve set out to do.

  26. I will be honest, I lack perfect gaming skills, and I’m stuck at the double spikes on the first level. I cannot get the key. A walkthrough, or at least some help would be appreciated.

    • Anolicious Says:

      Walk past them, to the right. As soon as the right trap triggers and retracts, go left, crouch, then immediately go right again.

  27. AnonymousFacedfish Says:

    Maybe a way to move when ducking could help. A crawl? A barrel roll, perhaps? Also, maybe (haven’t played the whole demo yet, so there could already be this, but) there could be some unstoppable entity the heroine can’t fight. Yet. You know, like Lucifer, from demonophobia! Or… The Dahaka, from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Yeah, that’s all I can think of.

    • I’m also have a lot of trouble with this part. =\

      It’s a horror that something so difficult is so far in front of a checkpoint, haha.

      Maybe it should be kept that way. Maybe I’ll beat it after all…someday…

      • Holy crap, I just beat that part! Holy crap! Holy crap! I feel so good about myself right now! This game owns!

    • Barrel roll? It is not an action game, no crawl plans yet, we’ll see in the future.

      Chaser unkillable enemy will defetnly be there.

  28. yay! demo out…..testing rigth now , see ya

  29. Greenwar Says:

    Can you make this fffffffffrustrating roof plants a little bit slower?i can evade them only with bug :(

  30. Hey, could you please switch “Continue” to the top, and “New game” into the second row? I feel like I’m going to accidentally hit “New game”, and then cry myself to sleep.

    • I accidentally hit “New Game” once. It won’t erase your old save until you get to a save point, I think. I restarted within a few seconds and my old save was still there.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Will there be a open-source version after you finish making the game?

  32. Nice one doing here, hope to see further mechaniks this seems to bee a good guro game with some h. nicely done and your drawing style fits good.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Concerning the vote:

    With few checkpoints, I personally don’t get much more of a sense of achievement than with a few more.
    Usually it just involves repeating the 2-minute easy part 30 times to pass the 20 second hard part, effectively resulting in one hour of unessecary frustration.

    Don’t make it have too little ground to cover in between checkpoints though, either.
    It’s probably hard to balance, but around 50% more checkpoints than now would probably achieve my personal perfect challenge/frustration score.

  34. I wonder nobody asked for skippable dialogs. I want to be able to skip the whole conversation with one button press.
    Anyway, the game is supposed to be the one of the gems of the genre.

    • Somebody suggested taht even defore release, i wanted to be a rebel and make people watch the whole thing again and again, is not a big deal really, but i’ll have to do it, is not difficult either.

      • you’re already torturing us with super hard scenarios, and few way-points in between. You should just keep dialogs required, too. =)

    • Anolicious Says:

      You could have the game remember a dialog the player has already seen and allow it to be skippable if they view it again after dying.

  35. I can’t remember if somebody’s asked this, but is this demo going to be the last playable pre-release before the final game?

  36. I gotta say that first off I’m not a fan of guro, however with the way you’ve done it I find funny to watch for some reason. Since you said this is a guro game I think a good rape/death ratio would be 2/5. Also, if you don’t want to make alot of enemies, you can make some of enemies either rape or kill you based of the attack that it did.

    The difficulty was kind of hard with the save points at first, however once you know what you’re up against it becomes a bit easier just to redo it. The bouncy blob thing was quite the nuisance, but I found there is a frame when it jumps that you can walk right by it. Is that intentional or not? As for the crawling, I don’t think it’s that necessary as the ceiling plants are easy enough to get by once you know where they are. I think you should add maybe a saliva drop from their mouth maybe once every 3-5 seconds. So, its just a tad bit easier to realize what you’re getting into while still allowing it to spook you if you didn’t notice the saliva.

    I’ve noticed a weird bug where sometimes an enemy goes off the current room screen they won’t come back. Not that I have any issue with that mind you especially with those annoying little flying stingers. They are the only enemy in that game that tick me off.

    I saw somebody say you should add a climax to the sex loops. If you do you should make it like unholy sanctuary. When they climax they just restart the animation again. That way it will still be endless.

    I do have a nice trick for “crawling” under those ceiling plants/floaty blob things (names?) and that is to just hold the direction key and the just press/let go of the crouch button in a quick rhythmic fashion and they are a lot easier to get through. Sometimes the plant won’t even attack.

    One more thing, is there going to be a reason to slow walk? Such as an floor trap/enemy that won’t detect you if you walk slow. Also, sacrificing that little baby tentacle thing was satisfying.

  37. The Dark Master Says:

    Eventually got through the demo (I am actually quite glad that the game crashed and I then looked at the controls, never would have known to use the F key otherwise), the main complaint I had was with the checkpoints and where they’re positioned. If you are ever going to put a large text dump in the game for the player to read, always, always put a checkpoint immediately after with no chance for the player to die between it and the text dump. Forcing your player to re-read large text dumps if they’re having trouble on a part right after is just a huge pain.

    Other good places to put checkpoints:
    -After large sections of nothing (do I really have to walk through this large section of harmless hallway every time I die?)
    -After a section of instant death traps (being forcing to re-navigate groups of instant death traps is very frustrating)
    -After the player gains a powerup or collectible.
    -Before making any choices.
    -Just before the demo ends.

    I also recommend having lots of checkpoints early on in the game while the player is still figuring out how things work. You don’t want people to get frustrated when they first start and just quit then, and you can certainly make later parts more challenging with less checkpoints. If you ease off on the checkpoints as the game progresses, hopefully the player will have gained the skill needed to make it through without the checkpoints.

    • I like your checkpoints… probably will use some of those if the votes en up wanting them, wait…. crashed??? how? where? taht’s the kinda stuff i need to know with more ungercy.

      • The Dark Master Says:

        It was the same sword turn around glitch that has already been reported.

        I did think of one other good place for a checkpoint, right before you introduce a new element to the player, such as a new type of enemy. The plants that drop down from the ceiling are a good example.

  38. I sincerely hope more ppl vote for savepoints. In my honest opinion, there’s no point on adding more checkpoints, it’s as fine as it is. However, changing from checkpoints into save points? Hell yeah, you can load up anywhere you want and check out the animations you most like over and over again, keeping the game still challenging for newcomers.

  39. Suggestion idea : You could make a small hole in walls like tentacles and give them like 1-2 second activation time * if player press F within activation time then a tentacle will come out and main character will start sucking on it with sperm ending and giving a key*

    * If player fails to activate it then tentacle will either trap * sexual game over our heroine * or just dismember * gore game over* or even both

  40. I just hope she make some H with her friend from intro :p

  41. This was bloody amazing stuff right there. As for my 2 cents on the checkpoint/save situation, i think both are viable options. What would be great to improve on is a way to tell you’ve reached a checkpoint, because, let’s face it, you do want to die in every way possible.

  42. Yurlungur Says:

    Most of the stuff that was an issue when I played it was already covered. I’ll just say that my biggest issues are the wasps and the bouncing blob. With how quick and steep the wasps attack, it’s kinda difficult to get under them without taking a quick hit first. That’s fine albeit frustrating. I believe you said you were working on the blob some more so my frustrations with it will probably be resolved.
    Aside from that, I think this is a great game Vosmug. I personally like to see the longer/torture death scenes, but it seems you’ve got enough requests for it, lol. I really did enjoy the quick deaths you already have in the demo. For instance, the ceiling plants kill very quickly, but if you aren’t paying attention it’ll surprise the hell out of you. Same with the swinging axe the first time. Those deaths add to the “fear factor” of the game and bring about that sense of being afraid of what’s around the corner. I really like that. It’s a different feeling from what Demonophobia did, which is great.
    I hope you don’t lose any motivation while working on the game because I’m really excited to see your progress. I plan on making a game similar to this style myself one day so it’s nice to see someone’s work while it’s still in progress.

    • Most of taht is tweaked already, excpet the wasps which i think is not a big problem since the’re not taht difficult to avoid….

      About the longer/torture death scenes, waht i said was that i wasn’t going to do it…. probably.

      About the motivavtion part, yeah, that one is tricky, right now i’m not in the best of moods for this game, but is probably temporary, let’s hope.

      I would like to see your game when it’s started, i love this type of games.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Very nice game! The girl is just perfect, I love her breasts! I know that this game need the gore to keep it scary, but will love to see more hentai. Compared to demonophobia, it feels like now we have control of the girl. So, anyone who liked demonophobia will enjoy this game better. Keep up the good work! And, please, don’t change the girl’s boobies!

    • Not to keep it scary, but becuase that’s, or was, the focus of the game, now i have no idea what my priority is…. and i’m not changing anything, that would mean redrawing and is not a good idea to start doing that now.

  44. hey i can’t download the demo mediafire is doing some odd loop thing and won’t let me download it

    • Works fine for me, not sure waht’s the problem

      • idk i try it with explorer and firefox and i click to download but the screen gets dark and pops out the start your download and then goes back to the same thing not really sure why its doing it i’ll try it again

  45. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    Here’s an idea: How about save points AND checkpoints? Like, you can save only when you reach a save point, but at the begining of every room is a checkpoint! Please note, it should only be said that only savepoints can be loaded. So that way, if you quit before a savepoint, you can load it again, but checkpoints at the begining of every room will get rid of the tedious walk back to that room part of the game.

    • I don’t wanna complicate things more by adding 2 systems, it’s one or the other, in this case savepoints would be easier, but since checkpoints are already done, anything is fine, but not both.

  46. Fantastic game, you are very talented person and I have played Demonophobia and Xenophobia and this is wayy more fun, I think it have less gore and loli and more hentai.I can’t wait to try more of your game.if I could give you advice it would be keep the game simple, soo far your game have a simple way to select itens, “save” game and not many commands, and this works well soo far ;). You have my bless Vosmug!!!!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    1 Question out of the ordinary: Did you expect the game getting such a positive reception?

  48. Hello Vosmug, first congratulations on your game, it is very well done and it seens it have the good balance between guro and hentai (loved her breast) (of course I would prefer to see more hentai and less guro but I respect your choices) I have played demonophobia and xenophobia and this game is wayyyy better, I didn’t like much to see a child getting killed many and many times and I am glad we play with a more mature character. I am very curious about to see what is going to happen next and the story itself. Good game, do you have any plans on adding paypal in the future or selling on dlsite? Thank you

    • Thanks, and yes, it’s supposed to be more ryona/gore-ish than anything else, but i have some other more hentai driven ideas for next projects, if that happens of course…

      Paypal and dlsite sound mighty awesome, and i want my monies and all, would be great, but there’s no paypal service where i live, or any other similar service that i know of, so no, not because i don’t want to, but becuase i can’t…

  49. Anonymous Says:

    When is the next demo going to be released?

    • Not sure if it can be called a next demo, but a fixes update and some additional content, but i don’t think there will be too many demos. That being said, i’m hoping to do update with bug fixes and a bit of level 2 nex week.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    why that girl can’t crawl?!

  51. Anonymous Says:

    I just cannot get past the double spikes on the first level. I have no idea how to even attempt it.

    • You have to time it, start running when the drill is up, by the time you get to it it will be hidden already, same for the second one while going back.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    So I run to the first spike then go left and spike goes up. Then I run past through to the second spike where there is a slight delay for it to go up before it gets me? So I have time to run past the second spike to the other side? I have never made it to the second spike.

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