First of all, this was supposed to be the first boss, but I have decided to cut it out… that because I’ve decided to cut some content, most of it, if not all, you don’t know what it is so it’s not really a loss… that also comes from the fact that I’m having serious second thought about this game, which sounds stupid after all this time and all that has happened but… you never know how things develop and change… I don’t want to let this game die, that’s why I’m cutting content out.

So yeah, the reason for the Bosses cut is, not only this boss but all of the bosses, is that they have to be more complex than regular enemies they require more drawing too, and since I’m fucking lazy, it’s too much work for enemies that only will appear once, of course, I can use them several times if I want, but it will be cheap, it’s better to do several small enemies that a big one and use it several times… so cut until a new, better, option appears, or I stop being lazy and change my mind…

About the demo update, I’m not the kind of person who releases a new demo every small change, that’s why there only will be one or two more demos until the final game, if at all, already fixed most of the glitches and bugs, but I wanted to wait for the first boss, but since that idea is dead now, I want to wait until I do an special event that will appear at the end of every level, and part of the second level, to me there’s no point in releasing only fixes, there should be a bit more for you to play, that being said here are the changes I will add, are already fixed, and some I will NOT add, at least for now, but probably won’t anyway.

Feel free to point out something new, or repeat anything if i missed it, or object my decisions, but i don’t think i will change my mind that easily… there was something else about decreasing the hentai content even removing it entirely, cause to be honest, it lokks kinda silly between all the blood and death, but that’s not for sure yet.

38 Responses to “Barfffsss!!!”

  1. PerBert Says:

    bosses? Pah! Who needs them in a survival game…
    In a survival game ANY enemy is supposed to subdue you with ease and only reflexes (which I do not possess) and brains (… uh… I’ll let this one slide) helps you to best them. So it’s not the boss but the situation that makes the challenge. I’m all for you not wasting your unquestionable skills on doing “use and discard” enemies…

    I’m NOT for you abandoning H contents and I do hope that future H-enemies would have “climaxing” sequence… I hope you’ll forgive this hentai loving infidel… :P

  2. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    Uuuuuuggh, what the hell IS that thing? A cycloptic blob?

  3. I must say “Sorry for my English” first.
    Now want to say “Thank’s for beautiful game. Also, I’m not a fan of guro games, but yours somehow changed me in that way… ”
    Next is… I would like to see some mixed guro/hentai endings in game if you let your evil side win, lol. But anyway prob best if you just add more hentai scenes… Today we have lots of guro games without/low hentai content D:

    • WhiteWind Says:

      I would like to see mixed guro/hentai endings too!

      • I’m not sure about that, i mean, it would seem logical given the nature of the game right?? well, waht it has become at least… but that’s borderline necrophilia… and that’s quite the no no for me… as i said, maybe that could change in the furute. but…. nghnghngh…. dunno.

      • WhiteWind Says:

        Necrophilia – it’s when someone makes sex with a corpse.
        Making sex and then killing is not a necrophilia!

      • That’s why i said borderline, meainig it’s just a couple of seconds away from it.

      • I also support mixing the two! C’mon, how many other games do it with such quality? =D

  4. I actually find very cool and interesting the fact the game had some hentai content and gore content (not at same time) I find those two components fit well a “hell dimension” it is just like silent hill 2, of course there is no explicity pornographic content but there is a scene where we can see a “rape” between monsters. I think in a hellish dimension rape/hentai/gore fit well, but that’s just my opinion.The author should craft his game as he wish it to be =), good luck Vosmug

    • In SH2, it had a mont signinficant meaning, here is just, fanservice… or wahtever it’s called… still not even close to a final decision, i will see how things evolve.

  5. Space hamster Says:

    I’m fine having no random bosses, but a recurring storyline boss would be awesome, like that butcher guy from demophobia

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This. Give him one additional new attack every time you meet him, or change the AI. That way one still gets that “boss” feeling, but you won’t have to completely design an entire monster each time.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    out of curiosity would that bosses attack be h or guru?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I like this game quite a bit, it was very frustrating in some parts granted, but the thought of getting to see more Hentai as a reward kept me going.

    I sure hope you don’t decide to cut out the H content, I don’t think I’d be able to force myself through those frustrating parts without it.

  9. Incognito Says:

    I was hoping for that random vagina boss again from demonophobia. But w/e. It would be nice to have one boss in. Throw in a couple of chases at the end of the levels (Shouldn’t be hard to do right?) Then a final showdown with the boss.

    Also red tentacle why not just a gameover CG for it instead of an animation?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i actually think that the idea of a gameover cg is really good

    • Anolicious Says:

      Demonophobia and Xenophobia got away with bosses with minimal animation, since they were either stationary or teleported around a very small area. Something to think about, I guess.
      Also, recurring boss with new AI/moves/whatever sounds interesting.

      In general though, I would recommend to simply drop all features you’re not sure about, finish the base game, and then add in whatever you feel like the game is missing.

      • Anolicious Says:

        Not sure how that ended up as a reply but okay. While I’m at it, good luck!

      • Still, coding wise, they need to be more complex and do more than one attack, but yeah, even less animation would work, this one was supossed to move around and wave it’s tentacles around, i need to think way more static bosses, and maybe some could get in….

        That’s a good idea too, i was going to do something like that, but i can’t help but keep adding details along the way, i’m obssesed with details, tho i had to cut a lot.

    • Cgs are for people who know how to draw, that’s not me, one of the first things i said is that i’m not doing was CGs simply because i’m not good at those…. so there.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    so will barfffs be in the game as a regular enemy?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, I must say this demo looks great, I like everything about it.

    However, I would be really sad if you would remove H content because I really love it.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    he said he wasnt removing it just not having both guro and hentai in the same animation
    i.e being fucked by a tntacle and then ripped apart by it

    • Sorry to dissapoint you, i know that’s what i said but recent changes indicate that complete removal might actually be the case…

      • kissofpain Says:

        Would you please like to explain the reasoning behind this decision? Is it too hard to animate hentai scenes? Or is it something else?

        A lot of hentai lovers will be dissapointed. :(

      • I know people won’t like it, specially becuase its inclusion happened because of popular demand in the first place, and that’s pretty much the reason for its removal too, is not all bad tho since this will change things for future games too (if those happen), i’ll explain better in a next post.

  14. kissofpain Says:

    Will the game still have nudity and different uses for the F key? or you will remove that too?

    Thinking about it, both death and hentai in a hellish scenario makes sense. Also I must say I really liked how the storry evolved arround the hentai parts. And IMO the final of the demo was quite awesome.

    Anyway, I will be looking forward to your new posts and the evolution of this promising game. Definitely keeping an eye on your blog. :)

    • Well, i know all of that, it does make sense if you think about it, and yes, the story took a detour just becuase of the hentai, and was a nice detour i think, which will make less sense now, but things weren’t working that well for me, good news is, all of the hentai content i’m not putting here will probably mean a full hentai game later on, so that’s good news.

      As for the rest, there still will be F key and boob showing and that kinda stuff.

      Right now i’m busy with, you know, real life stuff, but i’ll restart work soon.

  15. beachjustice Says:

    I played until the end of the demo, I really loved your work.
    You know, it did initially seem like an H-game, which is fine, and in fact I bet many people initially came to play it just for that reason (including myself). But after playing the game and getting a feel for it, I can appreciate if you want to take it in a different direction with the content.
    I’d still play if you took the H-scenes out, but seeing as how I like hentai I’d think it was unfortunate :P
    But I think I understand, being the artist here, why you may be driven to see that H-scenes really don’t fit into your work here.
    Regardless of what you choose, looking forward to see how the game progresses and playing the finished product!

    • beachjustice Says:

      erm, clarification on my last comment, when I said “being the artist”, I as obviously talking about you, not myself lol.

  16. pentagram_sam Says:

    i like boobies

  17. I know that this may sounds selfish but what I get disappointed about the fact that you are removing the hentai content is because this game will take some time to be finished and then you will begin from 0 to start to make a new game (and it will have hentai) so for the hentai fans we might see some hentai content only after one year or maybe more. But as I said this can sound selfish because I think you should do what you want to…

    • Maybe… the decision is pretty much taken but i understand, in the long run it will be better for me and everyone else, or at least that’s what i wanna think right now, i’m already improving drawing wise, so later i will be even better, and as i said, i don’t like my sprites that much anymore, so you can expect better sprites for next time, so… i think that’s good for you, it will take a while sure, but at lesat i’m going to be more confortable in what i’m doing now… at least more than before… i just hope this doesn’t take that long as you say.

  18. Anonymous Says:


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