So ok, not so good news… it’s pretty much decided that I’m not following the same path I did in the demo, this project was becoming something I wasn’t very comfortable with so… I will refrain myself from adding any more explicit hentai and remove the few related content it already has.

So yeah, not a hentai game anymore you might say.

Why? For one, as I said, I’m not comfortable with it, to me it looks silly between all the death and gore, of course, my vision of the game may be different to what you see, so maybe that’s the reason, people have told me that in this case, hentai makes sense, and I agree, but is not the idea I had, it somehow got twisted into this, but sorry, now I want to follow my original idea, which is not that “original” anymore since it changed quite a lot even without hentai, but it’s closer to what I had in mind at first at least.

Second, it will be easier doing only one thing instead of two, let alone a second one I was never 100% sure about, now, I know that was the very point that started this mess, and I regret it, I should have gone with my own decision instead of letting people vote, of course people want hentai that’s a no brainer… duh.

Third, recent events made me realize right now I’m not in the best mental state to be doing something I don’t feel comfortable with, so I don’t want to push that.

And I think there will still be boobs and all that, but purely incidental… not explicit stuff for this one.

Now that being said, if I ever do another game after this one, at this point chances are it will be a full fledged hentai game, as I said in a previous post, I have some ideas for that… I know what you are thinking, “If you will do a hentai game, why not doing it here?” Because that’s not the idea I had for this game, simple as that, it just changed due to my own bad judgment, now I’m not very pleased with it, so I’m going back.

So yeah, there you have it… um… yeah.

I’m probably going into underground mode now, and release only when ready, is not like I update very often anyway.

62 Responses to “Changes”

  1. AnonymusFacedFish Says:

    Um… okay, it’s your game man. Imma still play it.

  2. Good luck on making your game =) I will play as well, thank you for all your dedication ;)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    thats to bad but can you at least reupload the early version of it

    • That one sucks, not very pround of it, if you people want i might upload the hentai animations i had in gif format, that’s better i think, the new ones, i mean, the old one sucks and i don’t wanna upload that.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I second the idea of posting all the hentai that you made so far. Also good luck on the project, I’m sure that it now that you have taken care of that nagging feeling making the game will be easier now.

      • Don’t get your hopes up, you’ve seen it all, just more accesible in gif and maybe bigger size.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The Hentai would have been absolutely fuckin awesome if it had been intertwined with the Guro part, as in demonophobia.
    I’m a Hentai fan, a Guro fan, and a Hentai Guro fan, but the weird “either hentai OR guro ending” approach you took didn’t feel right for me either.

    Hentai Guro was what i was looking for, but if it’s guro with some tits, that’s fine as well – Hey it’s your game and we’re thankful in any case, even the ones that read like they’re haters. Good luck with your project, real life and all that!

    – (still) a Fan

  5. Sad news. :( *sigh* This was one of the best H games I played so far. Nice graphics & animations, challenging gameplay. I kept trying and trying to progress to see new enemies and contents. I really looked forward to H related updates, but oh well, your game, your decisions. :) I’m still gonna play it, thanks for all the effort you put into it! :)

  6. I think what make every sex game that has explicit sex scene is the storyline. There are many games where you simply engage the sex with little (or none at all) clue why they engage the sex tingie in first place.
    It’s boring if you are just like suddenly a game engage in sex scenes without the effort for you to reach it first place (which is why I currently don’t like many games, now if they remake des blood series…)
    that said, it’s your game. Just too bad there is no sex/hentai scenes in it. Though should have been done, because your game is what close what I want, a good storyline, with all gore action but sometimes they will get sex (that last one is gone :p )

    • I agree, never saw it like that, but now that you mention it, that’s maybe the reason i didn’t like it, having to rely on hentai when the story, dialog and atmosphere in general are guiding somewhere completeley different, specially without a justifiable reason, which i could have come up with something but since i wasn’t with that in mind in the first place seemed out of place for me, nice advice for later tho, that would definetely be the aproach i would take, seems obviuos after reading or hearing about it, but game makers miss that point most of the time, or just don’t care maybe.

  7. I’m glad you decided to change your mind. Also, I agree with you about mixing guro and hentai. Thats not what some ppl need when they have one hand “busy”. Sry for my English and good luck with game. We still love you by the way :3

  8. Bearmouth Says:

    Pretty bad news, i would say. But ill play anyway. Nothing is perfect in life.

  9. is a mistake, eventually you go to lose a lot of visits.

  10. dissapointed :(
    i was here for the hentai
    good luck though

  11. Bearmouth Says:

    At least there will be “ero” deaths,?

  12. Hi Vosmug, just my curiosity, how many stages this game will have?Do you still plan to add a boss at the end of stages or you gave up like you said before? You said that you are going in the underground mode now, any chance of one or two demo before? Do you need testers(if you do I could help to test ;p)? Can you share any idea of the new game? Are you going to replace the enemies that had hentai content with new ones without it or change the animation? Any release date( I am not trying to say hurry up, as Blizzard says “It will be done, when its done”)? Thank you for your time

    • ok, let’s go point by point.

      – Around 6 or 7 stages.
      – No bosses, but there’s something else that might look like bosses.
      – If there’s a demand for it.
      – I’m fine for now, already have a dedicated tester and helper, but maybe later if there’s need for more help.
      – Idea? pretty much the same just with less content, and some other stuff i haven’t shown to anyone yet.
      – Just animation change.
      – Knowing my own working schedule, i can’t really say any date, i’m hoping a couple of months, but don’t take my word… as you’ve seen, things almost never go as planned.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Cool with it either way. I’m guessing that a number of your followers are fans of Silent Hill or Fatal Frame anyway. Not that our expectations are that high, mind you, but I’m sure that most would still try it out with or without sexual content.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I would also like to see the rest of the H-animations you made but didn’t get in the game; you are top shelf when it comes to animating. Though I am disapointed about the removal I still look forward to playing the game in this new direction.

  15. Papanomics Says:

    Ah, it’s too bad you decided to get rid of the hentai. You lost a fan for this game. If you decide to make a hentai game I may come back. But this game is dead to me. Get it? Dead? Guro? HAHA.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Well, it can still be a good game but could you maybe add a jump feature or more savepoints, coz it was pretty frustrating doing hard stuff all over again in the demo. Good luck in the future…and hope you get to do that hentai game ;)

    • AnonymousFacedFish Says:

      Okay, sucks to be you.

    • Seeing the attitude of some people (specially by mail) makes you think twice about pleasing them… but there’s still a while to go.

      Jumping is definitely not an option, but more savepoints is already on the to do list.

      And the content shouldn’t be an indicative of the game being good or bad, that seems to be the main problem with this whole situation, but then again, that was not the reason why people were here for in the first place, right?

  17. Oh, thank god. That 2 drills/spike area was tough, and I wasn’t sure if I’d get through it. Now that there’s no H, I don’t have to, anymore.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Best of luck with making the game.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Seriously people? It’s a game that was primarily guro. It’s not that surprising that he took out monsters that clearly didn’t make sense. I mean, we’re talking about monsters ripping your heart out, getting impaled by spikes and having heart attacks with a slime that rapes you. Is it REALLY that surprising that the hentai is being removed? This is like everyone seeing a hot chick in (insert horror/zombie/gore game franchise) in a preview picture and giving up the second they hear she was taken out. I mean, what kind of view point is that? My view point is that by cutting content and working in a way that makes more sense and is a bit easier (i assume) for him to work on, he will probably be finished faster which would let him move on to a pure hentai game if he so chose. Instead, you choose to bitch about it and give up on it, which will probably kill his motivation for making games in general? Have some respect, game design is hard enough without fans quitting due to little changes. You’ve done a hell of a job on what you’ve done already Vosmug, keep it up.

    • Don’t judge me for wanting to see that movie, only because that chick was in it. Get off your high horse.

      • Anonymous Says:

        My point is that rather than give him some support to keep him encouraged and keep his motivation up, you all just outright gave up on it which probably killed the chance for the hentai game. Normally something like this doesn’t bother me, but let me say this: you probably couldn’t design even an rpg maker game with the built in sprites if you were paid to do it, and at the same time people like you have the nerve to criticize and complain about him doing something that you probably couldn’t do at all and he isn’t even getting paid for it. I’m not saying like the game. I’m not even saying to play it. I’m saying show the guy some respect for doing an amazing job something you probably never could and rather than saying things like ‘fuck this game’, ‘im out’, etc. make it some constructive criticism to make it a game that will be fun without the hentai.

  20. That Guy Formerly Known as Anonymous? Says:

    Not a hentai game anymore huh? How did i see this coming from oh say millions of light years away? Simple, what hes basing it off of had hardly any H content in it to begin with (coming from someone who’s only seen videos wherever he can find them tho my points remain valid) truth be told i’m not going to go off on a large run on sentence rant like i usually do. All I’m going to say is afew things…A you lost my interest which was already shakily held as was but now that there’s no H content I’m really not going to bother HOWEVER before anyone attacks me…B I respect your decision considering its your game and you do whatever you feel like doing with it…My opinion on things. I really am not into the whole pure Guro kinda games deal…All the blood and gore really makes me think “geez i may as well be playing a SAW game…just with a high school girl being killed in many overly ridiculous ways as opposed to a whole group of people” and to me that just isn’t fun. Especially if there’s no H content to it now, considering the H content that was one of the few reasons i kept the demo and didn’t delete it…Without that i just have so many better games to play…and to people who’d say you just hate it cause you suck, no actually i like the game in IDEA and i got to the end of the demo its just i really…REALLY don’t like full on Guro only H games…to me Guro just isn’t even considered hentai…its just overly gory death…..Didn’t i say somewhere earlier on i wasn’t going to make a whole run on rant about this? …..oops.

    • To be fair, the main idea is to make a GAME, guro is not even the main reason for this game to exist, tho it does play a big role in the actual story it wasn’t my main motivation, I want to make a game with a plot and a story to tell, just so happens I wanted to add guro along with it, will that story be any good? I don’t’ know, most of you probably think the story will completely suck and be the worst ever now, but that’s my goal, good or bad, I want to do that story… will that story work with hentai or no gore at all? Well, maybe… but I already gave my reasons for that, so…

      I did show some of that story which wasn’t much, but there is way more than just killing this girl in a “SAW” way, just so you know, but if you don’t like guro, that’s completely understandable.

      And that’s one of the reasons (along with some others) that put me off resulting in that decision… the fact that what most people wanted was just a hentai showcase instead of an actual game, even with it, and as you said, there are better hentai games that accomplish that… no need for me to drag this game just to add the hentai fix of the day for some people, don’t get me wrong, as I said I’ll probably do that later, if it happens it will be planned out to be that from the beginning, but I regret trying to do it with this game when it already had a set course.

      Now, I already said it’s my own fault; I should have done my own thing from the beginning instead of caving to pressure, or in this case setting it to people’s vote, and now it turned into this clusterfuck, I’m receiving more hatemail now than I ever did actual mail before… regarding this game of course.

      So yeah, bad move from me, what else can I do? Maybe a hentai focused game for next time? As I said before, all of this nonsense makes you think twice about it if the people I’m going to please with that is the same people giving me all this shit right now…

      • ThatOneGuy Says:

        Your hentai content was excellent so they are all just pissed and worried they will never see it again. Give them some time to cool off and maybe they will stop being rude ;) Anyway, why don’t we stop arguing about a past decision and move on with the game? I for one am looking forward to seeing how the new game progresses.

      • That Guy Formerly Known as Anonymous? Says:

        It was a bad move in general for you to “cave to pressure” but in truth when trying to please people its really only going to go one way or the other…A making your own thing, and understanding that only but so many people are going to like it. or B to some level, attempt to please people by adding a tad bit of what they want, and straying from your original ideals…which you tried option B and for you it just didn’t work…as for the SAW comparison, i mention this because to be perfectly honest i don’t play games that are meant to be in the Hentai section of things for a story..I’d ether play an RPG (YEAH RIGHT) or read a book (which he never reads) for that, and because of this, all i saw in it was just alot of dieing in very unpleasant ways …tho as i should mention now i RESPECT your idealism to make a GAME not just some H reel that has been done for the ten trillionth time…but to start off and add some form of Hentai into a game that originally wasn’t meant to have any was abit of a silly move…tho that was you (as mentioned in your own and the beginning of my comments) caving into pressure which we all do from time to time…because of that i understand completely (unlike the millions of other people giving you flak about it) why your cutting out the hentai and just sticking with your original idealism…PHEW that was a mouthful…now if you excuse me i have a world to go sa ERM i mean a perfectly normal person to be…yeah…right *Dives out window tho misses hits the wall gets up holding head…AND THEN dives out the window*

      • A gore game without a story is only a showcase of evil stuff happeneing, not sure if i ever want to do that, even demonophobia had a nice concept behind it (imo), as long as a hentai game, i think a story and a setting is needed, even if it’s a simple one, otherwise it would be better just to do some animations and pictures without context, and internet already has that.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    It’s your game, friend. I felt that the rape aspect added to the horror of the game and didn’t look silly at all, but it’s your call. I (like the majority of others, I’m sure) won’t be as interested in your game now, but this game is *your* baby.

    I’ll still check the site every few months to see if you ever start work on an H-game, as the quality of your work was impressive.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I’m a guro fan who didn’t mind that there was also hentai content in the game. But if all the hentai fans are this nasty and disrespectful of your decision, even after you floated the possibility of making a hentai game for them after you finish with this one, then I guess I don’t feel any sympathy for them.

    In fact, I think the gameplay is better without in-game hentai scenes. I hate having to keep using escape mechanics to escape from annoying rape animations. I think rape animations work great as finishing moves / game overs, but I don’t like having to escape from enemies each time I run into one. I’d rather just take damage and be done with it.

  23. FUTANARI!! Says:

    What people don’t understand is the fact that it is Vosmug’s game he should do whatever he wants, if he want a guro game, hentai game, loli game, scat sex game, rainbow poney game….It is his problem, he did a mistake for misleading but he already apologised for it, let the man work!!!And please Vosmug when you say that sometimes you receive e-mail of angry hentai fans and think two times about who you are pleasing remember to don’t generalize because I am a hentai fan and I think it is fine about you removing the hentai content, it is your game and your decision…

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I’m mad.

    This always happens with these guys, they don’t commit to anything, they get bored of the idea halfway through and go “fuck this game lol”. What a dick move.

    I had the feel this would happen when I first saw this game with so many big sprites and detailed backgrounds, “this guy isn’t keeping the scope manageable, this takes too much work” I thought, still one can’t help but hope good H games will get finished properly.

    • How is it a dick move? He said he’s still going to do the game just not the way all you fappers want him to do it as. Sure, it’s his fault for caving to pressure, but if he continued doing something that he didn’t have the heart for it would end up being shitty.

      I may not like guro, but I’ll still play it because I want to see how the story turns out. Also, for all you H fanatics he said depending how he feels he might just make a full fledged H game after this. However, with all you dumbass numbnuts constantly saying stupid shit, he is going to be demoralized and basically say fuck your stupid asses.

      You know what vosmug as much as I would love to see you make a full fledged H game, I would say fuck this ungrateful pieces of shit. Honestly, if they’re going to act like that than don’t even bother pleasing them. They’re just sorry pieces of shit. If you want to make a H game because you really want to or just want money off it then go ahead, otherwise fuck them!

      • Tru dat yo…

        Although, i wouldn’t be so rude, but that’s pretty much how i feel… “fappers” time is probably coming, but later on… and at this point after all this… if i feel like it…

      • I feel like H-games don’t get completed unless there’s a monetary incentive. Kurovadis was finished, and Kyrieru got freaking rich over it. Heck, I was one of the first to buy it. Imma buy Wolfenstahl when it comes out, too.

        If Vosmug made an H-game and sold it, you bet I’d pay for it. It’s clear that Vosmug is a talented developer and artist.

        But, if you look at H-games that are being made for free, like Resident Evil Progeny, or Sex Realm, they keep limboing in and out of the grave. I don’t really have any hope for those games. Simiarly, as much as Vosmug says he might make an H-game later, I’m not really convinced until he starts selling his games.

        That being said, I hope he does make H-games and sells them. All the bickering in his blog will be absolutely meaningless, compared to how many dollars we will give him. =)

      • Money is always a nice incentive on both sides, you will want to work on something you like for money and the player knows money will encourage more work, it’s a viciuos circle of the good kind.

        The only thing that’s stopping me is that i don’t know how, there’s no paypal service around here, and also i wanna make sure i can work more regularly, right now i can’t. college mainly.

        But as soon as i’m able to, i’m probably doing it. of course this is just a hobbie for now, this is not my passion or anything. In two years i might want to do animation or youtube reviews, you never know… which doesn’t really help my case, right? At least now i have someone who won’t let this die so easily, which is not happening for a while, so that’s good.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Defending him only enables this kind of attitude. Changes like this after so much stuff is done and for such vague reasons usually spell the death of these projects. If he only cares about gore why start this as an H game in the first place? peer pressure my ass, the guy shows a carrot to a starving hare and then yanks it away in the last minute, claiming that my frustration is anything else than understandable is just silly. I guess we should be grateful we got to see the delicious carrot before it got yanked, but I would have preferred to not have seen it at all.

      • What attitude? Is not like I wanted to trick everybody, it was an idea that evolved and degenerated into something different to my liking, that’s not vague, of course there are other reasons but that was the main one … and it never started as a hentai game, that came later and proved to be a bad idea, not because I only care about gore, but because to me it didn’t made sense anymore… which you may say is wrong for me to do, just to change something cause I don’t like it, but I won’t work on something I don’t like just as an obligation, that would be even worse for everybody.

        Now, I didn’t see it like this before, but a lot of people complained about not liking gore, so the mix was going to be weird even for then, I seriously believe this is the best decision. If you don’t like gore, why do you want to see hentai along whit it? That is not a reason for the change but something I thought just now, which actually makes sense.

        I like your carrot analogy, because you are right, I already said that several times, but I never did that on purpose, it was just ONE big mistake, I tried and I failed. Thank you very much.

  25. Stop reading this garbage, work on your game.

  26. I’m not so interested in you getting rid of the H-content, because you said you have plans for another game after this. I am curious, so… got any concepts?

    I know that you’re not even finished with this one, so if you don’t even have a idea about the next one, then don’t let this post bother you.

    • I have several ideas and full realized concepts, even half done scripts and sketches, but i won’t even mention anything yet, anything i say could be used against me, not only that but i get easily distracted with them, so is better to focus and wait until this one is done.

  27. That Guy Formerly Known as Anonymous? Says:

    To be honest i agree with the need of a plot and setting but to me its just normally by passed and or flies over my head (generally due to it being Japanese) but my earlier statement of “i don’t play H games for a story” is me saying i don’t really look to them for stories…I never meant to put it out as i just don’t care for story in an H game. (less of course i can’t read it then i don’t care)

  28. master-debater Says:

    I overfed my goldfish and it died :\

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I’m an H-game fan but removing the H-content here is okay with me, tbh, I’m kind of disappointed but seriously, people watch too many anime with rape and gore so people think it’s common. I’m still going to wait for this game with or without H-content, I want to know how the story ends. :)

  30. queeeenchies Says:

    As long as it has ryona, I don’t care ’bout them ero. >:3

    I’m glad to hear that you are doing what you feel is gewd!~ ;3

  31. Hey Vosmug , do you still work at the project ?

    • Of course, I have some stuff I need to attend to right now, but I try to get to it in my free time… which unfortunately is not as much as I want right now, but it is moving along.

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