Edit (Aug 17): Heh, sorry, if you are wondering, no, there is NO download link for now, I removed it to stop spreading the confusion, I will replace it with an updated demo around next week I hope, been kinda busy these days; this demo will have the same as the first one but with the content change I discussed earlier and a bit of the second level and some new enemies and traps, so don’t expect half game or anything like that…. sorry for not updating that often but I don’t like updating small stuff, so I don’t have much to talk about, unless you want me to talk about politics or global warming, heh.

Here’s a pic with some new characters and enemie so you don’t say I haven’t been doing anything.

If you’re wondering where the hell have I been, I said I was going to continue on my own without much hype and upload only when I think I have something solid, so that’s what I’ve been doing, of course I’m dealing with some other stuff like college and work but it’s moving along quite better than I expected for now, and that’s saying a lot.

29 Responses to “Stuff”

  1. Yurlungur Says:

    Awesome. Just this much of a post that says you’re working on the game is exciting. I wasn’t worried that you had abandoned the project, but it seemed increasingly likely to fall to cutting corners or long delays. I really agree with your decision to remove the H-content; that’s where I hoped your game was headed in the first place. Love the look of the new monster and the other swimmers.
    Keep it up Vosmug, you certainly have support.

  2. Scarlethill Says:

    So does this mean you have more time for making the game? :D

    And im wondering do you have any ideas for the next game with all H-content ??

    • That’s not what I said.. Ii’m actually pretty swamped and really stressed out becuase of college, but i always try to get to it when i have time.

      I do have several ideas but I better not say anything or try to elaborate on that until I’m done with this one, I get distracted pretty easily.

  3. Well, how can I say… you ARE an evil man! :P

    You decide to go with an horror/guro game (that was your intention, so nothing to complain) BUT you fill in some of the sexiest characters in 2D adventure games.
    Bad boy!!

    Well I will be patient, and wait for the H-game whenever you’ll feel like publishing it… but really, you made the wait more painful ( :P )

  4. Go my hero Vosmug, keep working so you can one day finish this game.And remember Vosmug, I will always be watching over you. Even when you are resting ~

  5. It’s just good to see an update.

  6. Hey vosmug i know how hard is to make a game , i tryed to make in another program but dont give up :D
    And i wanna know something , but answer with yes or no , just to be simple :D
    It will have sex/hentai ?

    • When you know what to do is not that hard, just… time and energy consuming… lots of those.

      And you haven’t been paying much attention… NO, it won’t.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    how get Demonophobia?

      • Where can I find the previous version of the prisonkage game? I would really like to have it

      • Not here, as you may know I don’t like that version of the game anymore, so you should ask around gurochan or something, sorry but I won’t post that version myself anymore.

        Besides, if you’re looking for the hentai content, I already posted all of what I had (which wasn’t much anyway) as GIF images so…

  8. Keep it up. I appreciate the fact that you’re taking even a microscopic amount of time off from your life to work on this. It’s your game. Decide what will be in it, what won’t be in it, and end it whenever you want.

    Keep on truckin’…

  9. Yeah got a good thing going. You can definitely recycle the characters in this…cause whoowhee they are something compared to all the sheer amount of loli related guro games. My first time replying also but ive been watching you from the start. Good luck.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Public hair mode please give me! =)
    I wish you good luck

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Your art style is very nice to look at. I hope you continue to make stuff, games or just art, after prisonkage.

  12. AnonymusFacedFish Says:

    Whenever you finish this game, I would be more than glad to do a lets play on it, because everything you have made so far is FAR superior to Demonophobia. (Plus the only reason I really lp’d that game was because it was a translated version.) Hell, even the demo had better gameplay, art, and sound than Demonophobia! I just hope it gets gorier. And when finished is longer than Demonophobia.

    • Cool… did you really LP Demonophobia? I know only 2 Lps for it and one of them is not finished, maybe you are one of them, and i watched it that way cause i never actually finished it (I know… I suck…)

      • AnonymousFacedFish Says:

        Yeah, I lp’d a translated version. My account is HellfireTheAwesome. Anyways, I really want to lp this game once it’s done. Keep me updated, will ya?

        Also, without the right stratigies, Demonophobia is a bitch to play and beat. It doesn’t mean that you suck.

      • Actually an uptaded demo should be uploaded tonight or tomorrow, heh, i said last week but whatever… the final version will still take a while tho…

  13. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    I would like to see just what you’ve done with the game in this “New Direction,” so I will most certainly play the demo. However, I don’t want to lp a demo, cause then it’d seem silly to me to lp the whole game later =/.

  14. i love this pic, if the game is going to have more stuff like this….AWESOME ID love it…forever and ever @_@

  15. Will you be adding different costumes for the character to wear? Like unlocking by beating the game or by beating a level

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