Demo Update

Download Demo 0.2

Today is not last week right? Yeah well, things happen, I just wanted to update the demo to fill the void left by the last one so it’s no big deal… soooo, don’t get too excited about this one, it’s the same as the previous one with bug/glitch fixes and a bit of extra playable content, not much but enough to give you a better idea of the actual direction of the game.

About the update, bugs and glitches were fixed (I hope so), the dialog changed a bit to accommodate better the script change and there’s a couple of playable minutes from the second level; also it is way easier now since some enemy behavior was tweaked and there are way more checkpoints… maybe too easy, but I’m the wost judge for that so I can’t really say…

I know this game is taking way more than expected but right now I can’t do much to speed things up, because you know… school and stuffs, so you’ll have to suffer along with me on this one.

I think I’ll be preparing a contest to ease the wait… mmhhh….

Anyway, feel free to post bugs, glitches, spelling mistakes, comments, death threats for ruining your game, questions and all that…

See you later.

72 Responses to “Demo Update”

  1. Thx for the demo :) And keep up the good work !

  2. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    That was a fun demo, I’ll give it that. However, I think the intro could stand to be longer. Other than that, it looks promising for this game.

  3. Personally i would LOVE to see a death involving the chesthugger :D perhaps if you throw it off to many times it decides to become a facehugger? :3

  4. Er… I hope the guy in the end of the demo is not you…

  5. Papanomics Says:

    I’m gonna waste you for ruining this awesome porn game!

    No really, congrats on your work so far, I haven’t played it, and won’t play it, but I wish you success.

    Guro is not my thing, tits and dicks. Yeah that’s my thing.

    • I remember reading your comments at your forum and you sounded genuinely upset, now you seem more understanding, so hey… thanks… maybe next time…

  6. Quite good demo, maybe you can get someone to help you write your story, I think I know the direction you are trying to head but sometimes the character’s dialogue seems a lil bland.

    Also is it possible to have more deaths that doesn’t kill the PC instantly, I’m not asking for suffering or anything like that but maybe just a lil more frames before the PC dies or something,

    Nice update btw!

    • I know I’m not a good writer by any means, and that’s been one of my main concerns from the beginning, but if it’s understandable enough, I’m ok with that… unless it’s completely unreadable or nonsensical, that’s the moment to call for help.

  7. Demo was pretty fun. Ran into a bug with the wood and bone critter where I bumped into it and it tried to use it’s heart rip move but instead just caused a severe hit and she just stood there with the hole in her chest but not dead. Any thoughts as to get past that creature? I can’t seem to come up with any good ideas

    • Been trying to replicate that, but haven’t been able to, were you low on health or did you do anything special?… tho it is supossed to hurt you if you get close enough while running, it’s a safe mechanism so you can’t run past it… that’s your clue too.

      • It only happened the one time. I couldn’t replicate it myself. I was pretty close to full health when it happened(I die a lot =p) I think I was trying to duck the rip attack and probably managed to bump into it and get the rip attack to hit at the same time.

        While not a big issue, I would suggest perhaps making those man-eating plants bite repeatedly while they’re down so as to make more sense if you let up on the crouch too early why it still manages to eat you. Quite a few times I would anticipate their rising up too early and get killed over it. It was just frustrating to jump magically in it’s mouth after it was closed.

      • I’ll keep trying on the skeleton, but the plant thing can be fixed.

  8. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    If you ever needed help with the dialouge or story, I could help! I wrote a horror story that got an A- in my English II Honors class! (Not a very impressive resume)

  9. I’ll start out by saying I’m a fan of hentai games and that’s partly what brought me here. Well that and the forum post I read about your work with the link to your website. I have to say I was curious to see the direction you would eventually take for this project, and I’m disappointed that your not making a hentai game anymore, that said I checked out the current demo anyway.

    After playing the demo, I feel the game shows a lot of promise structurally, I like the death traps and enemies, well as much as I can I guess because gore games aren’t really to my taste, I like the art style the demo is using but I have to admit to being confused by it, It seems out of place for the horror style that the demo is taking.

    The previous version having a character that was the stereotypical hentai looking woman with huge breasts made sense when the game had hentai elements planned for it, if your dropping the hentai from the game completely then maybe a slight character redesign to better fit a horror type setting that I think your aiming for now, by that I mean the character doesn’t need to have a chest size that rivals Lara Croft.

    That’s not to say that I don’t like the the art style because I do, but as I was trying the demo and going out of my way to get killed by every thing I could to see in what brutal way the character would die in, I kept thinking that the style would be better suited to a hentai than a horror theme. I get the feeling your going for the Demonophobia type game experience.

    If that’s the case I’m glad that the main character isn’t a child like in the Demonophobia game, my beef play through of that game was not enjoyable enough to warrant continuing it to completion, I get that the character being a child was to make the feeling of the player as uncomfortable and as sick as possible, at that it did succeed but by the time I was done with that game my thoughts were no F this I’m done, I’ve never gone back to that game or cared enough to look at its sequel.

    Demonophobia is what put me off of gore games so this is personally were I stop following this particular project that your working on its just not my taste like I said above.

    Good luck with this game and I hope it does well for you in the gore scene.

    I’m looking forward to any future games you might make that aren’t focused on gore and if you ever do decide to make a Hentai game this type of art style would suit it well.

    Good luck and all the best.

    • First, I don’t really consider this game as a horror game, the least thing I want is to get overly dramatic or serious, at least not with this game, so no, I don’t consider this a horror game at all.

      Second, I don’t see how big breasts automatically mean hentai; I understand why anyone would think so, duh, right? But I don’t think it HAS to be that way all the time… and well, it would be too much of a pain to change it now, that’s another, bigger, reason… but yeah, big breasts alone don’t make a hentai game in my opinion and again since I’m not aiming for horror or an overly serious drama, then I don’t see any problem. Besides, some people like ryona and big breasts, not what I’m aiming for, even though it ended up being that way unintentionally, mainly because that’s how I draw, but I don’t see how that would be a problem for much people here or for me, again, not horror, so no need to be prude… it’s kind of a serious matter seeing the bigger picture, of course with all the killing and stuff, but I was just recently talking to my tester about how I don’t want it to be overly dramatic or pretentious, and we need something to lighten up the mood despite the horribleness of it all, so bit of a fanservice in my book is not bad… I would actually like to hear more opinions about this, I don’t think I’m changing my mind but I’m curious now.

      About Demonophobia, I don’t think the main character was created to give any kind of deeper meaning, I think it was just due to a loli/gore fetish, that’s what I think at least, I don’t like lolis either though, so we are in the same page.

      But thanks, I’m actually looking forward to finishing this one so I can start working on something else, working on something too much time is bad for your mental health… if I would know.

  10. Wow, well after taking the time to read these comments and then i came to this really long comment. After reading it I completely disagree: this is a badass game, i love this game its awesome the person who took the time to make it cant be call anything other than fawking badass awesome the man the ninja in your pocket when life gets you down you kill shit. Anyway I love the opening what i loved best was i was trying to move and was like wtf then more wtf and it did a awesome job fading the hell from the real world, sexi. After reading that long post the only thing i could agree was Demonophobia is totally shit. If you took that game and gave it a more anime style look with a chick whos totally sexi, with better animations story death possiably face rape action and i think that be a awesome game. Come to think of it i think someones already doing that…so yea AWESOME!!!!! I love this game looks promising cant wait for more….Side Note: WTF theres a second stage i got to the battle axe thats a totally WTF so is that it or am i missing something ;>.>

    • there’s small critter that’ll hug her breasts if you use the F key to bare them. you have to get that critter past 2 screens of stuff then throw it at the axe so you don’t get chopped.

  11. O shit almost forgot if no face rape action….but more vore getting eaten slurp chomp whatever I love hentai and all but if we going ryona full blown then put awesome shit like vore and impregnation, egg stuffing, so on and so forth but anyway…totally awesome much love

  12. I am so sad I can not see the hentai animations anymore.I Really Really love Tentacle rape so much.I think thoes animations are very Creative.
    My English is so poor.Please do not be mind.

  13. Minor bug report:
    When I enter a room with a spike trap from the left, the initial sprite of the holes in the floor appears to be left-right reversed. When the spikes are about to trigger, the sprite flips back, so it looks like the holes change places. The sprites are oriented correctly if I enter the same room from the right. This definitely happens in the spike trap – drop trap – spike trap on level 2, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it elsewhere.

    General mood comment:
    I played through most of the new demo (haven’t gotten past the heartless puppet yet), and it feels kind of hollow without the hentai. I think that’s because the deaths are too abrupt to connect to the experience. The rapes helped offset that, since they could go on for some time, which gave a feeling of conflict/suffering.

    I think it would help if you extended the guro scenes to make them more realistic / unpleasant for the character – i.e. make her struggle before the death or show more continuation after the death. When I see her heart ripped out or her impaled on spikes, and she just instantly stops moving and ‘dead’ appears, I feel nothing, and I *think* that connection is the appeal of guro. Maybe.

    • Not really a bug, i notced that but left it since it needs to face the character direction to properly work, may fix it but, meh, not a big deal really.

      And well, conflict/suffering is the thing i try to avoid so… we’ll see about that…

  14. For the ceiling plant, I would of loved it if it swallowed her before it went back up.

  15. Great game, great animation, but the scene where the things drop from the ceiling is really repetitious and frustrating. I got through it but was disappointed to see that the checkpoint didn’t save and forced me to redo it…over and over and over. That said, I can’t wait to see more.

    • I also seem to keep getting random amounts of healing orbs, anywhere between 1-5. Is that intentional?

      • It’s random but not only orbs, move through your inventory with A and S.

        There should be more checkpoints, tho i’m not sure exactly the location you are saying, but the plants were severely tweaked, i don’t feel like making them any easier.

  16. adding work for you:
    how about a “after death”animation? meaning after the “your dead” fades off, animation continues for a bit? Like when she gets cut un half by the giant axe, the “dead” text appears then fades away, and right after, brain and other internals fall off? after being squished by the green tentacles, she gets crushed/impaled further after the text fades away? after the ceiling plant drags her up, we see the bottom
    half fall back down… the big
    impaling spike goes back gown, she does
    down, guts and other internals drips to the ground…

    • This, a million times. I share Vosmug’s discomfort with suffering and torture, but post-death animations would be awesome.

      Though, realistically, that’s kinda a late alpha/early beta thing to work on in game design. Most games, to this point, just have basic shapes representing characters and backgrounds and such (3D games, at least. I think 2D games have basic sprites).

  17. Yay! Another demo! A big shame (for me at least) that the hentai was removed, looked really good! Is it possible if you could give a link to the older version of the game (0.1)? Thanks.

    • No need fot that i think, the only hentai animations are posted in the previous post, besides is filleed with bugs and glitches…

    • EDIT: I thought so. But, two questions: What does exposing yourself do if there is no h content anymore? And two (this might be spoiler), how do you get past the green tentacle which restrains you? I can’t get past that one. Thank you.

      • It’s weird you ask since it does the same thing it did before,it’s still a gameplay element regardless of content, and i don’t see how it should be removed too, it’s not really hentai…

        You can’t get past it without an extra item received following the door before that area… just follow the path and you’ll get to it, don’t forget to check your inventory with A and S, seems a common problem…

  18. I finally made it to the second level and am replaying it now to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I think I get more and more impression with your artistic abilities each time I load this game, seriously. You are very talented.

    Quick question, though: Is there some trick to beating the trap area with the falling worms? I got through it once by sheer luck and I’m not sure how I did it. I’ve made it in there with the little chest hugger and it doesn’t seem to make a difference, I am just trying to figure out if there is something I am missing here?

    • I think the best you can do is kill them before they get out of hand and you take a lot of damage. The chesthugger is a piece for a puzzle later

    • Insanitylass Says:

      you could definatly go get the items at the far end of that place after the trap area, then when you need to backtrack, get the chesthugger with you to continue, you don’t need it for that direction and it prevent you to crouch, making it less maneuvrable.

    • I used up some health orbs to get through the falling worm part, though, like you, I made it by luck the first time.

  19. Vosmug, you are awesome for making a guro game where the main character isn’t a loli (for once). Also, the story is decent. Interesting enough to carry the gore along, and morally gray in the choices as well.

    Quick thing though: you can probably fix this during beta, but as it is, many of the deaths technically wouldn’t be insta-kills unless the girl went into shock. For example, after having her heart ripped out, she’d probably live for a few seconds, though since I know you’re not into suffering, shock is a good excuse. Also, when she gets impaled by spikes, the health indicator shows one going through her heart, but in the game, it’s on the wrong side. It’s only going through her lung, and none of the spikes look instantly fatal (in fact, she could very possibly survive the spike trap as it is).

    However, again, shock works as a good excuse, and is believable enough.

    As far as nit-picky critiques go, capitalize your I’s. If you want, I have a full transcript of level 1’s dialogue I wrote while playing (for analysis). I could make corrections and send them to you so you could just copy and paste without having to look for and fix every little thing, if you want.

    • I never think about realism, I just draw and put in what comes out, will have that in mind for next ones.

      Somebody told me about the I’s and I thought I spellchecked all of it… looks like I didn’t.

      About correction, is not difficult is just that my text is added in such a way that it is kind of annoying to replace for several revisions, but I guess I’ll have to do that sooner or later… I will let people know, if I ever need help with that, but for now, if you think you can improve the dialogue a bit and since you already have it, you can send it to me and I’ll see if change is welcome or if it’s better to let it be. vosmug(at)homtail

      I have some other offer so if decide change, I’ll be doing casting or team help or something, but it’s still way too early to think about that.

      • Sent the dialogue fixes, finally. Sorry for taking so long–you’ve probably already fixed everything.

        Regardless, the document I sent doubles as a critique of sorts, so it could still be useful.

  20. i cant pass the puppet man

  21. This have a hentai or sex scene ?

  22. Excellent game. I love your art style.

  23. Is there a way past the roller pit in level two, or is that just the extent of the demo so far?

    • Insanitylass Says:

      I suggest you take a look at the control, new control can be added in demo, you can try every possibility before giving up ^^ that’s my hint

  24. Hi, I finished the demo. I would like to throw something out but I’m sure you will disregard what I say. My particular fetish is foot fetish. I haven’t seen any attacks on her bare feet. I do understand that it is your game and you can make it however you want. Just wondering if there could be a monster or a small trap that focuses their attacks on her bare feet?

    It is a great game don’t get me wrong. I can’t wait for the next update. Just throwing this out there.

    • Insanitylass Says:

      the bouncing blob trap her bare feet… even if the kill does more than taking her feet, I hardly see a better way to include it…

      • Hardly? Don’t be so extreme about the things i’ve said, as i said there’s still a lof of trap and enemies left to do, some ideas won’t hurt, unless of course they go against my weird ethical standards.

    • Wait, first… you’re sure i’ll disregard anything you say?… am i that much of an inflexible dictator?? Well i am… heh… but that kinda stuff is not out of the question that much… the suggentions i don’t like to accept are the ones when they affect the game too much mechanically or if i have to change too much of what’s already done… but seeing how there’s still alot of traps and enemies left to do, is not forbidden to suggest those, just like i wasn’t planning vore but now i do.

      Now, if you’re ok with feet destruction, i have traps planned for it, but if you like feet i don’t know if you wanna see that… heh… gore, remember?

  25. Me again with the foot fetish. Oh cool good to know you are listening. It’s just that in my long search for games I don’t see a lot of bare foot destruction.

    Yes you are exactly right Insanitylass about the bouncing blob. It does trap her bare feet but the kill is…global. I like it when it is…unique, when it is the main focal point of attack.

    I have seen heart ripping, head decapitating, upper body exploding, leg whipping, spikes, drills through the Vagina, eaten by plant, being squeezed to death and tit-hugged.

    I do like the sense of different attacks on the body parts and the death scenes but I do notice that her bare feet are hardly ever the focal point.

    With regards to the feet destruction I’m okay with if she gets hit multiple times and just dies ‘normally’. If the ankle gets chopped off to me that technically isn’t the bare feet. It’s not so much the toes, it is more so the surface or the soul part.

    If she gets trapped by something grabbing her ankles and then focusing the point of attack on the bare feet that kind of thing would be great to see.

    Overall the game so far is great and challenging. I can’t wait for the next version!

  26. Just saying, that’s some damn fine animation work in the other blog posts. I little disappointing there’s not going to be much in the way of H Content though. Seems kind of like chekhov’s gun e.g. you’ve already got this sexually charged atmosphere, the main protaganist has awesome tits and is stuck in a skimpy swimsuit to boot, you can show your tits to monsters ( Tentacle monsters, none the less ), but hardly any of them act on it…. Expose is a neat feature, but not very many applications for it, yet.

    Other than that, the Guro and all that is pretty cool. Half the fun is seeing all the interesting ways the protaganist can die. The environments are pretty fresh, sort of reminds me of Doom3 is most of the areas ( minus the Sci Fi )

    Maybe if you can get the game finished, perhaps if you’re up to it you could make a patch/upgrade for people who do want the H Content.

    Has anyone gotten past that huge axe/pendulum in the current demo?
    Also, where could one attain the previous demo that had those animations? I’d like to czech that out how the game originally was, and uhmm….you know, FURTHER study and RESEARCH.

    • Samefag as above ^

      for a TL;DR ( if you’re saying Too Long; Didn’t read )

      Disappointing there wont be much H content, The Guro is cool, keep that up, the game looks pretty awesome environment wise.
      Maybe release an optional H patch after the game is finished ( and probably a good month long break from game Dev ) That would be easier than making a whole new game for sure.

      • Long posts show that people care, that’s cool…

        The reason why it’s still “sexually charged” is because as you know the content change was fairly recent, going back to change what was already done was even more troublesome, and well, “sexiness” was going to be a theme regardless the hentai or not… it’s way more interesting, I don’t think this couldn’t hold on its own being serious or dramatic…

        About a patch, I would still prefer to make a new game, there’s still time to think about that so who knows, still, I would rather focus my energy on a new game…

  27. Anonymous Says:

    After the first save, how survive? i can just go to left, or right, there’s an item on the rigth, but spik+plant i cant pick it.
    And the blue monster hit me so many times, i can only dead?
    Wtf? Use the sword item against monster dont kill them.
    And “f” , “expose”, lol? For what? it does’nt excite the monsters..they just eat me :x

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I mean by save the checkpoint after you discover the room.
    I’m fr sry for my english.
    It’s strange but, it’s me, or sometimes you need to be hit by monster before continue on your way?

    • Anonymous Says:

      À l’usine, vous avez besoin de se baisser au-dessous dès que vous entrez dans sa gamme. Vous pouvez tenir debout et esquive rapide réel à même de modifier son modèle et le mettre en phase avec certains pièges.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Thank for french traduct but it mean nothing ^^’..
        Sorry my friend! lol.
        It mean something like:
        In factory, you need to “bend above” when you entrance in his “range”..
        Hey finally i understand.
        I guess you wrote “plant” for “factory” or plant is plante in french!
        At the same, range, traduct like range of products, but you wrote range like range distance, traduct in french for ‘portée, disctance”, ect.
        So i can avoid monster plant if i “squat”? hmm, ok so i run on the spike, and after spike i crough quicly before monster eat my head…
        Thank’s a lot guys :)

    • Expose works for later…

      If I understand correctly, that part can be tricky, you first go all the way to the right, then try to get past it from there, just take the key and run while the plant goes up… yep the blob can be annoying there but is not impossible.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Ok thank’s for your quick respond, i have another question!
        Your heart mean your life/hp, but, if you wait wihout be damaged, is there a way to be healed or you need “orbs”…?
        Thank’s you!

      • Yo need orbs, even though that’s not a bad idea… someone sugested that before if i recall… I didn’t do it because orbs would be rendered useless…

  29. Hi again :)
    The demo end at the start in the second stage right? I mean you cant avoid the trap on floor or there’s a way to avoid that?

  30. prity girl Says:

    Version 0.1 somehow making you feel should be kept permanently

  31. ;-; I can’t play the game because the file won’t open.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    will this game ever be finished?

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