Melting… brain…

The reason I haven’t been around lately is because I’ve been really busy with school work this last month or so, but I’ll be done with that by next week, which means I’ll be school-free… forever… and I’ll start working on the game way more often, that is actually the only thing holding this game and my other personal projects back since it started (College final project)… so yeah…

Also, by next week I’ll be doing that contest I talked about, so if you care about the game and want to do an important part for it, tune in next week… but first I need to see if at least more than 5 people are interested, it has to do with the design of an important kind of enemy, even more important than bosses… so let me know if it’s worth it… I don’t post it here because I really can’t think very well right now…

Finally, I think I’m more open to suggestions now, so feel free to suggest traps, enemies, deaths or whatever… i don’t promise I’ll respond to every comment or to add everything but I’ll read all and consider them.

See you next week…

36 Responses to “Melting… brain…”

  1. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    So you’re open to monster suggestions, eh? How about a suit of armor impervious to all attacks, and can only be killed by the use of the in-stage deathtraps? Like, say, second level, you see a suit of armor! What do you do? Lead him to the trapdoor grinder things, and watch him drop! Classic!

    • This actually aint a bad idea. The suit of armour would fit well with the scenery of level two, especially if you use the German Gothic style of armour. That particular type has lots of sharp edges and points into it’s design, it just sort of screams death and pain because of it.

      Most importantly, because of it’s a suit of armour, it can use some pretty interesting weapons. Give it a poleaxe, make sure the poleaxe has a long spike on the end, so he can use it to hook the protagonist behind her knee or her neck. Probably about three types of attacks..

      1: He aims for the neck with the hook of his poleaxe, once it connects he pulls forward forcing the protagonist to hit the floor face first, then he smashes her head in with the front, axe end of his weapon.

      2: He aims low, catches her knee with the hook, and trips her, making her fall on her back, then her uses the spike on the top of the poleaxe and runs her through her heart.

      3: Protagonist gets too close, and the armour smashes her in the face with his steel gauntlet of a fist, blood and teeth visibly flying out. She falls on her knees, and the armour kicks her to floor, laying on her back. The armour then sits on her and draws his dagger, cuts her swimsuit off and plays with her tits for a bit before brutally stabbing her in the chest and face several times.

      • AnonymousFacedFish Says:

        Yeah, that’s what I was thinking! They could appear multiple times, and have different weapons! You know, A sword, an axe, a spear, etc etc. Hell, they should get projectile weapons to add dodging to the challenge! I also thought that one of them could have a torch, and if approached, the front of the helmet lifts and there’s a tube expelling gas coming out from its face. It holds the torch to his face and the gas coming from the tube burns into a jet of flame, burning you to a crisp! (They’re not human, but rather automatons.)

      • The only problem this presents, is that the armor may seem a bit too human for Vosmug’s generally need for non-human creatures.

  2. Letsdothis!! Says:

    How about a razor wire trap that dices the upper half of her body.

  3. hawkeye-hatfield Says:

    how about a statue in calm form and when the girl reach near the statue with the heart rate fast the statue rip her head or somenthing like this

  4. How about that chesthugger will jump her face if shes low on health, and bam, new host body for it?

    It is sad to see how Guro enslaves more and more people.
    Srsly, you waste your talent. Better to make some real art work and sell it… Or atleast make a platformer without hentai/guro shit.
    I already leave my opinion about guro/hentai game and obviously I was highly drunk.
    How the fuck I could.
    Anyway, not going to wish you luck with your current project because it’s just disgusting. Not artwork, guro. There is alot of sick japan cinema with such things. But no! Ppl need fap on corpse with blood everywhere in game.
    I hope you will stop your project soon, so those people will be really dissapointed.
    “Hello” from moscow.

    • AnonymousFacedFish Says:

      Did you ever stop to consider perhaps the “guro” content is, oh, I don’t, a matter of interpretation and an unintended use of his game? He never SAID he was making this specifically for hentai and guro fans. Yet guro fans are still going to fap to it regardless.

    • Hello received… hello.

      1. It’s a matter of taste, even if I don’t agree with some content, just like I do here, like extreme torture and some others, I won’t go around telling people to stop liking what they like, it’s called tolerance.

      2. I don’t find gore arousing, if people do, go nuts, but my approach is more out of curiosity and mystery, and of course some morbid attraction, for that I’m all for hentai, and I’m probably going to waste my talent on that too… so… figures…

      3. I do have other games without “hentai/guro shit” but of course I use a different nickname for that I don’t want to relate to this one for obvious reasons…. only art? meh, too boring, and I’m not that good at it anyway.

      4. I was going to tell you the hate party was over… but since you are coming from a different subject… then nevermind.

      5. Also as FacedFish says, I’m doing a story driven game with some moral takes, but with gore elements all over… so is not like it’s just mindless blood and death just for the sake of it… at least there’s a reason behind it all… does that count?

      6. Umm… yeah…

      • Thank you for answer.
        But I’m still mad.
        Sometimes when you got real big shit in fucking start of your already ruined life that means you will die in next ten years… Uhmm… Well… Just want to see whole fucking world in fire and I also trying to offend every human that I see.
        Have fun with your stuff, Good Sir.

      • Eh quit your ragin’.

        Once this get’s done we’d probably get a very good H game.
        I say you keep the main protagonist and include her in the next game. Maybe she’ll be like a mascot of sorts.

        I also vote the next game should be a side-scrolling, medieval fantasy, action RPG.

        But enough about that, I wanna see this game’s story reach a proper conclusion.

        …..She really needs a name.

      • Naomi it’s her name…

        That’s very specific, the ideas i have don’t come close to that tho but it’s still early to think about that now.

  6. Traps: Iron maiden, saw blades, flying projectiles.
    Deaths/enemies: Large creatures that will either rip her limb from limb then in half or bite her in half, stuff like that. Deaths that involve her breasts somehow. She has giant tits for a reason, use ’em. =)

  7. More heart related deaths!

  8. how if tentacle fuck him and take out the urethra

  9. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    Wait, so the chesthugger is called Bob? Huh. That’d be something interesting to add in the game, when you later learn that thing had a name. And a family. That’s bloodthirsty. Because you murdered him in cold blood. (Maybe that was a child chesthugger?)

    • Heh, it’s an inside joke with my beta tester, not cannon or anything…

      • AnonymousFacedFish Says:

        I mean, yes, it’d be silly, no one will deny that. But it’d definitely make for a memorable moment in what is already shaping up to be a promising game.

      • It would make for some comic relief, that’s for sure.

      • IF she ever get’s stripped naked due to some plot related stuff, why not use Bob to clothe her? He can at least protect her nether regions.

        What’s that? You’re naked? Don’t worry, Bob’s got you covered bro.

  10. FanaticVosmug Says:

    Vosmug not have plan to add futanari character?? :)
    Futanari in PrisonCage look like will be amazing. Futanari in around monster like that

  11. Suggestions, eh?

    -How about some brain-related deaths? They’d be insta-kills and there’s all sorts of ways you could get to it (cutting the head in half in either way, crushing it, eating, blunt force, i.e. slamming the girl against the ground).

    -How about some sort of grinder, and have the death animation work realistically?

    -Maybe a machine gun trap, where Naomi (that’s her name, right?) steps on a trip wire and gets riddled with bullets.

    -Complete bisection. Vertically.

    -Burning. Probably too slow, but meh. Could be a post-death thing.

    -Neck/spine snapping.

    Just tossing stuff out there.

    • Reallistically? I have to ask what exactly does that mean?

      • I can’t even remember why I typed that second clause. Ignore that.

        But the specific grinder could be a fast-rotating cylinder with a cheese-grater texture that would completely tear a victim apart. Kind of inherently slow, but if done from the top, it’d be pretty fast. Or it could be another post-death thing.

      • So similar to the one in the secont level, with chese cutter instead of spikes?

      • Pretty much.

  12. crimson alchemist Says:

    so wen do you think it will be ready pls tell me and sry for my bad english

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