Big cheese contest

Mmmhhh….. Not that good….

So, I’m retaking work in the next couple of days, I need to finish this already and I think you agree with me, in the mean time I want to propose a contest for the people interested in doing something bigger for the game, this time around I want to let you create the unkillable chaser enemy of the game, you know the one, think Pyramid Head, the Butcher or… mmhhh… I don’t know anyone else… I wasn’t planning on adding it because it looked too gimmicky but as a user-created one, it’s a perfect excuse to have it… the last contest I did didn’t go to well, let’s see how this one goes…


  • Create an enemy of a powerful nature that will chase the main character trough some parts of the game, also will have special cut scenes here and there.
  • You MUST draw a reference picture, I won’t use your drawing cause I have to redraw it but I need a reference of your idea on how it looks, you don’t have to be an artist to enter, even a simple Paint drawing will do, the most important thing is the design itself, not your drawing skills, check the previous winner and you’ll see what I mean.
  • Can be anything you think about, humanoid, biped,  animal, invisible, airborne, male, female, a giant lobster, whatever, just try to make it fit the setting, just think him/her in a hellish-like place and you are good to go, you know how the game looks like already; go nuts on the design but make it fit the setting.
  • Has to be a reasonable size in line with the character, if it’s big just don’t go too crazy that it doesn’t fit the screen, check the screenshots for size reference.
  • You can give it, motion patterns, evasion mechanics for the character and some kills if you want, but it MUST be mechanically coherent with the rest of the game, I’m still missing one usable item, so you can think about a weapon or artifact or something to use it with this monster, and as you might know by now, NO HENTAI-like kills, grabs or whatever, some light fan service is ok but I’ll judge if it fits or not.
  • There’s no deadline for now, it will probably last a few weeks or so, or more until it’s time to add it, probably more, I’ll post a deadline later, but it’s open starting from now.

The winner will be able to tie the monster into the story in whatever way big or small they want, of course I will give you the guidelines and a brief explanation of the story, but for now just have a vague idea of what you want for it.

Anyone can participate, cualquiera puede paticiapar, どなたでも参加することができます, N’importe qui peut participer, Jeder kann teilnehmen, 누구나 참여하실 수 있습니다, kind of pretentious but whatever, I’ve noticed people from different countries around so they might be interested too.

I apologize in advance for my Google translate skills.

Send entries to, or post them here if you want to share it with everyone.

I’ll decide later if the winner will be decided by votes or just by me in secret, that also depends on the number of entries.

Feel free to ask anything you don’t get… see you around.

42 Responses to “Big cheese contest”

  1. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    The thing that really sucks is that I have artistic vision, but no artistic talent. Still, I’ll try to turn in something. If I ever stop being lazy and do so.

  2. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    Lol, I am so retarded, I thought you meant Sketch OR paint, not using MSPaint. My bad.

  3. Why did remove the erotic elements?
    I liked the 1.0 version was
    Are there any erotic elements thought I’d put it back?
    Erotic extreme cruelty of the natural elements are likely to contain

  4. tycho0042 Says:

    does it have to be in paint? I’ve been drawing it out on paper. Would it be acceptable if I were to get a photo of it for you?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    That last one reminds me of the “Slave Knights” from the Anime Dragon Pink. Undead skeleton knights, with girls as their torso.

    So the only option to defeat them is to kill the innocent girls.
    If you take a close friend of the protagonist as the “core” – that would be a great reason of having an unstoppable enemy not by it being invulnerable, but by our hero being morally unable to do it.

    here’s some pics i found online:

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The manga is 22 years old, and the idea has found not even the tiniest bit of the attention it deserved all this time.
    I see no shame in finally giving it the stage it deserves.
    Basically every idea has been taken somehow. Heck, you say yourself that the type of enemy you’re looking for is genre standard.
    Better borrow something awesome than make up something average.

  7. the idea behind the “jumble” is that basically, it’s built out of the remains of both previous victims, and people the heroine has crossed paths with, such as the girl she found chained up and had to choose the girls fate.

    the main “theme” of it could be summed up as every choice having consequences and how they’ll follow a person (literally in this case)

    what would keep this thing from (hopefully) growing too big and crazy would be a kind of morality play, like in the previous build where the heroine could “sacrifice” herself to the brown plant thing rather than presumably sacrifice another person.

    the more terrible and emotionally scarring of a fate she subjects others to, the weaker and less fearsome the jumble is.

  8. How about a Legion-like enemy? A creature made up entirely out of corpses. You can make it shaped like an orb or a person, just have to make it about twice the size of her maybe. OH, or make it crawling instead, so you wouldn’t have to awkwardly scale the bodies to be small. With very creepy movements using its long arms made of corpses to reach for her slowly, dragging itself closer and closer to her. Maybe you can just make the Legion-like monster made up entirely out of women too, probably her fellow classmates, foreshadowing what would happen to her if she got caught by it. It’ll also add to the lack of Eroticism to the game, can’t only have her flashing her tits right? Just have an Erotic monster that doesn’t really do sex or anything, just something to either be aroused at or fucking terrified of, or both. Maybe to make running from it more challenging, you can make it so that it hurls some of the corpses at her, maybe in front of her and the corpse would attempt to grab her, you’d have to escape by pressing the following prompts, it’ll make it really suspenseful and heart racing being restrained by a corpse while the Legion is slowly dragging itself closer and closer to you. Its kills could be that she just simply gets eaten by it, gets eaten by the corpses, gets mutilated by the beast somehow, gets eaten THEN assimilates into it somewhere on its body, gets molested by the corpses until she gets assimilated, or the beast just grabs her and places her on its forehead where she becomes its centerpiece or something by those lines.

    Here is my sketch/concept for it:
    I made the bodies cry so you could maybe even assume that the “corpses” are still alive and suffering, maybe even have then make some moans or screams, making it very scary if you were to just venture about and start hearing faint moaning and screaming getting louder, if you were to make it a Random Encounter after the first time you encounter it. I’d go to even more detail into this but I don’t want to get too into it if you decide to not go with this idea…

    • Nice one, the size could be a problem tho, maybe if it deosn’t move that much??… will be a tough decisionn, there are already several good ones and there still time for more entries…

      • Yeah, its huge size would compensate for its slow movements… he isn’t called the “Big Cheese” for nothing. XP Its movement pattern would be like:
        [Pause for 3 seconds] -> [One Arm raises up a bit and grabs the ground ahead, dragging itself a small distance, like maybe the equivalent of 6 steps from you] -> [Pause for 3 seconds](OR)[Pause and hurl a corpse in front of you] -> [Other Arm does step 2] -> [Repeat]
        That would be its simple pattern as the one that ‘chases’ you.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Foot Fetish guy here from a previous time.

    All I can say is no matter what new enemies or chasers you do bring into the game, I’m all for it. It will provide a challenge. I just do hope there will be some kind of new enemy that focuses its attack on her virtual soles.

    Or maybe even a trap of some kind.

    I can’t wait for the next update!

  10. I’m hoping this is still going on. I have a few ideas too though most involve parasitism, vore, and assimilation/absorption. If there’s still time I might as well try at the contest again and pitch in an idea or two for this enemy as well as others. If you don’t mind. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to enter the contest since I won the last one.If not tell me.

  11. fullmetal Says:

    Hey Vosmug, I wanna try this contest out, and see hoe it works out :p. So this is quite a terrifying monster (I am not an artist and the printer screwed it up a bit) because it has like this thing hanging from his back, full of blood, intenstines and arms and feet coming out of it. If you can’t read very well the text, either zoom in or answer this comment, as you like. This monster doesn’t run (even though it could) because it is already quite big and tall, so this could balance a bit the monster’s skills. This monster grabs you with it’s four arms and snaps you in half or something even more horrible. It would block with it’s four arms, and it wouldn’t duck or dodge due that it’s all-powerful. I was also thinking that if you include it’s deformed-back part, you could make it die twice; and by that I mean: Its back falls off when killed the first time, so it becomes faster and harder to kill (maybe the back-part bacomes another enemy, just an idea taken out of the blue right now). Here, the picture (Once again, I am not an artist):
    Hey, now that I think about it, you could also include something Slenderman looking:
    So that’s about it. Awesome work; keep it up!

    • That works, again, the idea and a rough sketch is all i’m asking for…

      First, Slenderman looking would defeat the purpose of an original monster, i see the resemblance but we can make it stand on it’s own if it wins…

      Second, it’s supposed to be unkillable, don’t know yet if later on will be defeated… but that part will be sorted out later…

      Other than that… good entry…

      • The Slenderman-looking monster was just a suggestion, and the sketch I did was not inspired on Slender. I forgot to mention it’s colour, so the monster would be purplish or something similar. And if you want it unkillable; the thing on it’s back should be added (in my opinion) so the monster looks much more intimidating and messed up; as the body parts (arms, legs, faces, guts, etc) will be showing up and falling off it, making everything a horrible and never-ending nightmare, as there is no scape…

  12. Anolicious Says:

    Here’s my entry or two:

    A few notes.

    #1 is the Butcher, and very similar to the Hatchet Man in Demonophobia. Basically, this guy is some sort of an escaped killer, having broken his chains, and is out to kill the heroine and her friends.
    The Butcher is strongfat, covered in scars, very fast, and has very noticeable signs of mutation (eyes and small tendrils). His faceplate is attached to cloth around his face, and the design on the faceplate can be changed to something more relevant to the plot.
    The Butcher would chase the heroine around whenever she is in visible range and will not stop unless the heroine finds some way to trap the Butcher, or hide from him. Kills include the usual variety of dismemberment, butchering, strangling, and the like. Behavior should be flipping out and quickly chasing the protagonist if sighted, with emphasis on getting the fuck away from him.
    The only way to kill the Butcher is to lure him into a trap by either sacrificing one of the heroine’s friends (as the bait) or using a magic item. The Magic Mirror will create a perfect, breathing copy of the heroine before breaking, and will allow the copy to act as bait for the trap, dying in the process.

    #2 is the Wraith but I can’t think of a good, similar example. The Wraith is some sort of malicious, demonic entity that can posses living bodies and prefers female victims.
    The Wraith is spindly, with a perfectly human midsection/torso and shadow-like limbs attached to the torso. The head is like a sack, with a mask loosely attached. The size of the Wraith can be adjusted for it to be smaller, or relative human size.
    The Wraith would appear at certain points preventing the heroine from advancing, or chasing her. The Wraith is not very fast and avoiding it is very possible. Kills would include piercing, slashing, dismembering, and possessing the heroine to either kill herself or become the new Wraith host. Giving it limited magic abilities would also be cool, such as blocking paths or appearing very near the protagonist, and generally annoying the player by being unpredictable.
    The Waith becomes optionally killable at the end of the game, or thereabout, by dousing it with a cup of (holy) water. The player also has a choice of drinking from the cup instead of keeping it, restoring their health to full.

  13. I decided to go for something relatively simple, a giant spider thing.

    It’s not much but it would be easy to make I guess XD

  14. I wish I was here for the previous contest. There’s been some great entires posted so far.

    My idea is a headless maiden that steals the faces of the girls sacrificed to the guardians; either by taking their heads or just making it look like she has to torment the main character.

    The maiden’s limbs detatch and can crawl around independantly. As well as having large monstrous hands, her feet have long, twisted talons allowing her detatched legs to grab and claw in the same manner as her arms. These parts would act like regular enemies and could be defeated using items (although this would just send them back to the main body).

    Even when together her body parts float roughly in place making it clear her arms and legs have been severed. When attacked she might break apart for a moment only to pull herself back together. Defeating her could involve luring the limbs away and trapping them in places where they can’t return to the main body or finding a way to destroy her piece by piece.

    Finally, before the main character is aware of the maiden’s nature she may use a stolen face to imitate someone the heroine thought was dead. While impersonating someone she might walk around normally instead of floating in pieces to hide the fact her limbs are severed.

  15. I’d like to make another submission. The idea is even simpler (this appears to be my style, I never realised) but it might have some potential behind it~

  16. Your style is unique compared to other people I’ve read stuff from.
    I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess
    I’ll just bookmark this site.

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