The line of the dead (aka Deadline)


First of all, thanks to all who  participated on the contest, will be a tough decision  since there are some really good entries… deadline will be October 22, that is one week from now, in case someone else wants to enter see previous post for more info.

As far as progress goes, everything is going normally, as I said once, I’m in underground mode so no big reveals for now, I’m hoping to have a good chunk of the final game already done by the end of November, please don’t quote me on that one, let’s just hope I can keep up the pace.

I don’t have much else to say for now so, see you later.


19 Responses to “The line of the dead (aka Deadline)”

  1. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    So what kind of particulat invincible chaser enemy were you looking for?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Foot Fetish guy again. HEHEHE

    I’ll be excited if that green worm does chew the feet as its attack.
    Yeah also it looks like you have a big decision to make with the chaser, so many entries and so many different variations.

    Some range from another girl similar to the one we play to a corpse monster of many girls to even knights with screaming girls.

    Now I’m not sure if you will make the decision or if you will pick the top 3 and leave it up to us. So many entries, so much excitement!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Actually as it looks like, that one is vore related as someone asked before, the one you say is a different one…

      The selection will probably be done by me… but who knows.

      You should just pick a nickname… Footguy or something… heh… just saying…

  3. Alright then I will. Footguy it is. You got to admit that there are a lot of creative minds out there.

  4. Hope you got that set of pictures I sent. Anyways I’mma go chill over there now.

    • Is it the necromorph thing? Since it was the last one i guess that’s the one, have to check since your name was different to your nickname here…

      Anyway, nice one, i think i understand it, but i’ll mail you back if i need more info.

      About the last part, you’re not the only one who thinks that way, i know where you’re coming from but for now this is how it is, maybe in the future you’ll see more of that… or perhaps only that…

      And why do you mean by woodY? too stiff?

      • Necrodude from gmail Says:

        Oddly woody as in litrerally made of wood. No reason it shouldn’t move funny too, I guess. The exposed skeletal bits are It’s wooden frame. Alot of this info is already in the pictures. Too bad my handwriting is about as legible as blurry sandskrit. But yeah any more questions, I’ll be around, I’ll be around over there

  5. There was a lot of good entries that I saw in the other post. I’d love to win but I definitely saw some great ones that I could easily see winning too.

  6. Would there be any chance that she gets to put on a school girl uniform? It would be pretty cool to have her wear Sakuri’s uniform as an homage to what this game is based off of~
    …and the F button would do something else…

    • That’s a good idea, I may end up doing it… though not exactly the way you said it… F should do some other stuff, but I don’t have that many uses for it…

      • Maybe there could be an alternate costume (or two) for completing the game. Schoolgirl outfit, bikini, nude, etc.

        I wanted to get in on the contest, but college takes up time. Maybe if you do something similar, like for a boss or random trap or something.

      • I’m thinking more as an easter egg or something or just a small detail…

        Costumes will pose the same problem as health damage, which is not very viable right now.

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