Deadline was yesterday so here you go, thanks again to everyone for taking the time to participate, there were way more entries than I expected and I feel kinda bad for choosing only one since there are several good ones.

Anyway, those up there are the entries in no particular order, I will select the the winner myself based not only on design but also on concept and will update sometime this week around Thursday or Friday, also here’s some quick sketches I did for some of the simpler drawings just to see how they will actually look.

So thanks again and good luck.

Place your bets.

13 Responses to “Entries…”

  1. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    Wait, so how does this work?

  2. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    Err… I mean… which one the people like most in the comments, not voting.

    • Well no, I will select the winner myself depending on how well it fits the game, not only based on how it looks but also on the concept given for each.

      I guess i should clarify, but still, that’s how i said it could go on previous posts.

  3. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    (And just so I can quote a classic movie) THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

  4. Hi, I’m the one with the triple entries. You can guess which ones I did based on colour alone.

    Anyway I saw your quick sketch of the worm and I was like “WOW” that is very impressive. I love the ability to take a simple design and improve upon it.

  5. Necrodude from gmail Says:

    A question just popped into my head just now. Do you draw to sprites in gamemaker or do you import them from a drawing program like SAI or Photoshop?

  6. Definitely some good entries from what I saw. I’m excited to see the winner

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I’m actually starting to think this is not going to be part of the 99.99% of ambitious projects that get shelved half way through.
    Damn, I think I just jinxed it.

  8. fullmetal Says:

    Wow, from really simple designs which doesn’t look murderous at all, you can make them look ferocious and messed up as fuck; that is what makes this contest so “exciting” in a certain way, as amazing designs can be surpassed by drawings made in paint. Awesome imagination power sir.

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