Let’s vote… I guess?

Ugh damn… it was way more difficult than I thought, I wasn’t planning on doing this but we finally ended up with these entries as the possible winner, Headless Maiden and The Wraith, so to decide it I’ve decided to leave the final decision to voting, the reason is I’m perfectly fine with either, they are just as good, but I really don’t know which one should be, so you can help me there…

The full picture and information about the Wraith can be found here: Picture and Info , and the one from the Maiden:  Picture and Info.

Vote for the one you like the most, also think about which one would be more interesting and more memorable.

Now to give you a better rundown for the runner ups, the closest to these two was the Victim’s Advocate, it was really neat, but its generic beast like form hurt it compared to the finalists, next in no particular order where the Blood Seeker, the floating armored guy; the Butcher, which was pretty good but very similar to others… and the one we dubbed Terrifying Monster… some others looked like normal monsters instead of invincible chaser monsters, and another one really good was the girl with the skull guide but that one looks more like a story element than a powerful chaser enemy, and if you don’t mind, I could take some of those ideas and designs for normal enemies…

So anyway, I guess voting will be closed by next week, I think a week is good enough time to receive enough votes.

Thanks to all again for participating, see you later.

6 Responses to “Let’s vote… I guess?”

  1. All I can say is that I am glad that I didn’t have the make the decision in narrowing it all down.

  2. 4th place? Meh…
    Oh well, better luck next time!

  3. Yeah! Mine was close to the finalists! First time I draw something similar to this, and it came out well. Next time I’ll try a bit harder. By the way, if there are going to be anything similar to boss battles, I think that it would be a good idea for the bosses to be the “four raiders of the apocalypse”, like ‘war’ and ‘pestilence’. And for their designs, I’ve got no idea, but something related to their names; for example, for War make it have like a bloody horse-head with a huge spear and a shield, and for the rest… Don’t know really, maybe someday I’ll make a sketch of them and send them to you. Awesome designs, can’t wait to see who wins, and how it would look like in the game.

  4. Nice pics. I can’t wait to see who wins.

  5. tycho0042 Says:

    ah well, I would have like to have won but there were better entries

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