Sorry, due to major reasons I’ve been out of town this past week… lots of… stuff… happened… so yeah….

As you may have guessed, The Wraith was the winner, congratulations Anolicious, there weren’t as many votes as i thought though, i guess there’s not that much audience anymore… oh well, I always saw this mosnter as a clown of sorts, huh, that of course is barely a preliminary sketch, the skin should be a bit more of a zombie like color (I think), and the limbs should be black instead of red, also, the pose ended up being a bit too heroic, but whatever, as I said it’s just a sketch…

So Anolicious, please contact me at, you’ll connect your monster a bit more into the story and decide the final look of it, so I’ll mail you back with the details once you do so.

As long as progress, well… I’ve been out for a while and soon I’ll be starting a new full time job so… it sucks, but the game is still moving along, slowly but at least it hasn’t stopped…

See you later, I’m going to take my meds now…

18 Responses to “Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate…”

  1. Anolicious Says:

    Huh, the Wraith won. Cool, not sure if I was expecting it or not since I really liked vDan’s monster. But I was definitely checking this out periodically.

    Anyway, I’ll shoot you an email.

    • It’s a shame cause the Maiden was really great too, as i said, both were great and would have worked just as good, but at the end only one needed to be chosen.

      Don’t mind me but you IP is different now… i’m paranoid…

      I’m not home right now, but I’ll mail you back as soon as i get back tomorrow.

    • Grats man! Looks good

  2. YES! Wraith won!

  3. Leave the skin color. Makes you wonder each time you meet it whether it is using a new, “fresh” body.

  4. Wow that is pretty creepy looking now that you see a demo sketch. That definitely would freak me out.

  5. Looks good, I really like the harlequin headpiece. Congrats to Anolcious on the win. To be honest, I was surprised to see my entry get so far.

  6. Highly looking forward to the game in its entirety great work so far.

  7. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    Looking good, bro! Keep at it!

  8. Footguy here.

    A rat, like, creature or something in similar size that nibbles at the toes. I’d love to see that.

  9. Will there be another demo coming out? :D

    • I’m not sure yet, if progress takes too long I’ll probably make something with what’s already done, I haven’t done it yet since putting a demo togheter takes some time and will distract me too much, but if I see things are not shaping up as I want with the main progress then I’ll have to do that.

  10. I know you’ve got things handled, but as a big fan who cant get enough content, I would love to see the game released in episodes. Have each stage be a stand alone game that you can release as you progress with the development. And that way it’s easier to go back and play your favorite scenes ;)

    Loving what you’re doing, Vosmug!

  11. TheSeaOtter Says:

    I 100% agree with Rafael :D
    Prisonkage in episodes would be awesome!

    Because leaving a to be continued after beating an episode will have us excited to see what happens next. Like the walking dead game :D and being able to play a favorite scene is perfect rather then having to start the game over again.

    • For both,

      To tell you the truth, it’s a good idea but at this point it would be easier just to continue the way it is, since I have values that carry over the whole game, I would need to start changing them to work independently on each level, that means a lot of changing and modifying variables, which is not as fun as it sounds… and I understand the appeal of that system, but is not really of my liking… and even if I do that, I would have to investigate a way to load from previous episodes’ save files… and nghngnhgnh, besides, we’re close to the finish line, no need to start complicating things even more than they already are.

      I’m sorry but thank you, I appreciate it but at this point it would be more of a hassle for me than anything else.

      • For sure! I don’t want to de-rail you if you have a good thing going. Keep it up- we’re all very excited.

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