Opdayt… about nothing…

Oh hai.

Since I haven’t updated in a while I figured I should post something… so, I dunno… stuff…

Things are moving along fairly well, even though it’s a very slow process given my very boring and plain dull day job, I thought after college things were going to be easier, but it turns out is the complete opposite, why nobody told me the real world was so boring and still managed to take all of your energy and time? *sigh* well, whatever…

I don’t know what else to say really… I don’t even feel like updating without having anything interesting to say, except: “Dudes, I’m doing the exact same thing I’m supposed to be doing yay” soooooo… there you have it.

See you later… I guess… ughh…





I’m sorry….

30 Responses to “Opdayt… about nothing…”

  1. Hey man, just keep working as much as you can. I’ll still play it no matter how long it takes!

  2. Glad to see some more critters to be added to the mix!
    I know it’ll be a ways off, but I definitely want to see this game reach fruition. I definitely say take the time you need to get it done right. Or at least as close to right as you think you can get it.

  3. Just glad to know youre still working on it, everything good is worth the wait :)

  4. Wow that pic is very nice, very potential action game

    No worry! we will cheers :D if you feel tired, feel free to rest a bit!

  5. Is the mosquito riding on the back of the skeleton? That sounds like a cool monster.

  6. TheSeaOtter Says:

    The monsters are looking good :) keep up the good work!

  7. So many monsters. I am looking at the small green worm like creature. I hope it does what I know that you know that I want it to do. ;)

  8. Oh, that is cool. Traps, monsters it is all the same. As long as it is focused and not global.

  9. TheSeaOtter Says:

    Hey Vosmug, where can I find the first demo of Prisonkage? I would really like to see how the game first started out.

    • If you’re talking about the very first one I posted, i’m not very proud of it so I really don’t wanna share it, actually I think I deleted it already, it has nothing in it really, you just walk from left to right and that’s it… and I just don’t like it, it’s … nghnghnhg…

      If it’s 0.1, you already played it, it’s the same one as 0.2, with less content, more bugs and 2 hentai animations that are already posted as GIFs in previous posts, you’re not missing anything.

  10. Do you plan on releasing a newer demo of your game before it’s finished no pressure just curious.

  11. Hey, no idea why u remove H in the game, but just my opinion, u can put some H in this game to make the game a little more intresting like stage5 and 6 in demonophobia

  12. BTW, who’s the girl handcuffed next to the red hair in stage1? She’s still a shadow.

  13. Greatly looking forward to it!

  14. TheSeaOtter Says:

    It would be cool if there was a character select thing :D i would like to be able to play as other characters…

  15. Curious, what’s your other project?

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