Sanity is Overrated


This is a quick post just to link you to a blog called Sanity is Overrated, this fine fellow talks about everything crazy, creepy, disturbing and insane in games and other media… but mostly games is what I’ve found so far, he has also quite an extensive walkthrough for Demonophobia, if you are one of those who don’t know about that game (oh silly you) this is a great way to learn about it (you can play it too, you know? Just saying) or if you’re one of those who couldn’t finish the game due to its umm… roughness… *ahem* this is a great way to finish it, or read it to the end if you prefer, there’s also quite some topics to read for a while and some other games that I’m sure you’ll find interesting.

Refreshing my memory about Demonophobia made me remember how much I like that game and that I have to step up the game a bit if I want this to be as good… even though I already shot myself in the foot since one of the things I like the most about it is its simplicity which I already screwed up.

So anyway, here is the link again, and one to his Demonophobia review in which you can find the whole walkthrough:

Sanity is Overrated

See you later, hopefully with good news.

For things related to the game comment in the previous posts.

10 Responses to “Sanity is Overrated”

  1. TheSeaOtter Says:

    Oh man I remember hitting my keyboard so many times playing Demonophobia… good times ^_^

  2. tycho0042 Says:

    good walkthrough! I never could bring myself to play that game though. I think it’s related to my vehement denial of lolicon. I just can’t abide adult situations featuring kids.

  3. Huh. That explains strange surge of views out of nowhere. Um… thanks?
    Anyway, I see you have interesting Demonophobia-inspired game in development here. If/when it will be finished, I certainly will review it.

  4. I remember playing Xenophobia which is a game very similar to Demonophobia. I finished Xenophobia but it just feels unfinished as there is a door which is supposedly the next level but you can’t enter it. I never finished Demonophobia because I got stuck and couldn’t find which way to go.

    Wait a minute, you shot yourself where?

  5. Yeah I reckon Xenophobia was abandoned. I’ll never know what was behind that door now :(

  6. hoodahelame Says:

    Looking again at demonophobia made me ponder why are you doing horror game? It’s soo damn different, your style is really more of hentai and completely lacks that horror atmosphere demonophobia had. Even death, blood n guts, and gore look, sexy in your game, not scary.

    Don’t mean to insult you, maybe it’s just me…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i expect your game such as demonophibia

    you are genius to making guro game~!
    (l fall in love, prisoncage)

    have a good day

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