Lol awesome.

I’m just gonna leave this here:

7:35, There’s a good reason for that I swear, not only a gameplay mechaninc but plot wise.

Edit: It’s Happening…

Part 2:

Haven’t even seen it yet, but I will… later…

BTW, there’s still some confusion so, this game is on HIATUS for the time being, I will eventually finish it, not sure when though, i’m working on some other, um… “stuff” for now, but eventually I’ll come back to it.

18 Responses to “Lol awesome.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I Still hope that one screenshot of her naked will still be in the game

  2. I feel really honored that you even watched that far. I really do. I have replayed it to catch myself up with the plot. I mean, I understand if people don’t like it and what not. I died so many times in your game but at the same time I had fun. I really do look forward to seeing the full game!

    • I watched it all watchu talking about… your reactions are funny and quite different to mine, It’s cool to see different points of view.

      Since it’s a demo, the “”””plot”””” is all over the place and incomplete, the opening for example will be longer and will make more sense, for now it only has the final part of the intro… I need to rework that.

    • Yup. That video had me laughing. You got so into it that I couldn’t help, but enjoy it. It did seem like you enjoyed the game. Good job. Oh and Vosmug;nice find.

  3. I looked at my comment. I didn’t mean to make it sound like I disliked the plot. I meant I understand if anyone doesn’t like my video. I really need to watch how I put my comments together.
    And my reaction around 7:35. I was caught off guard. I was ready for just about anything, Just not that. So far so good though. When the game is complete I hope you won’t mind if I make it a LP of it. Also out of curiosity do you hear people out about story ideas? Just wondering thats all.

    • Of course I won’t mind… about story ideas? Story and plot wise it’s already completed, so there’s not much room to add anything anymore.

    • So you plan on lping this game when it’s finished? I was planning on doing the same thing, but after watching your video, I’ve gotta say, you’re actually pretty funny. Perhaps we could do it together or something like that?

  4. Footguy Says:

    I lol’d at your reaction at 7:35. I agree with partly what you said at the beginning of the video. Dying does get old very quickly. However, seeing other people die all the time never gets old. It just gets funnier and funnier each time.

    Partly because we know what it feels like and we can sympathize.

  5. Queen of Hearts Says:

    it is fun to see someone try the demo with all the reaction, I can’t wait for part 2 if it is not already out

    • It’s awesome that a lot of people like and enjoyed my reactions. It was super awesome that Vosmug posted my video on this blog. I was hoping to wait until the Prisonkage was completed to play it all the way. I kind of feel like the demo would spoil the surprise of what is to come. But I have got just a few messages asking for part 2.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug, if you need any help with anything art related, I’ll be glad too!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Эй чувак уснул что ли?

  8. Hey, prisoncage is dead?

  9. hahahha is this game dead. last post over 2 years ago, im sorry but its dead

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