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Lol awesome.

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I’m just gonna leave this here:

7:35, There’s a good reason for that I swear, not only a gameplay mechaninc but plot wise.

Edit: It’s Happening…

Part 2:

Haven’t even seen it yet, but I will… later…

BTW, there’s still some confusion so, this game is on HIATUS for the time being, I will eventually finish it, not sure when though, i’m working on some other, um… “stuff” for now, but eventually I’ll come back to it.


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Are we dead yet? Is this hell? Looks like it…

Well, as you may have guessed holiday season is always crazy so slowness is slow… just to let you know I’m pausing this game for a bit to work on a side project I’ve had for a while, it may sound like I’m prolonging stuff even more, which is probably right, but I’m tired and frustrated and I need to mix things up a bit… as for that side project I’m not saying anything right now but you probably know what it is, if that doesn’t work I’ll be right back to this one, this will be still my main project… to Miss Queen of Hearts and Mr. British Dude, sorry but it will be a bit longer, I hope you still want to help me, I have no intention of letting this die or anything just a little while more… and I suck at remembering names, sorry about that too.

Edit: Sorry for being so vague as always, I have a big communication problem if you haven’t noticed; this new side project is going to be developed here:, I’ll start posting over there eventually, all comments, questions or whatever about this new project should be done there I want to keep things separate… this post had comments disabled… heh, didn’t notice…

Go to hentai site

Sanity is Overrated

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This is a quick post just to link you to a blog called Sanity is Overrated, this fine fellow talks about everything crazy, creepy, disturbing and insane in games and other media… but mostly games is what I’ve found so far, he has also quite an extensive walkthrough for Demonophobia, if you are one of those who don’t know about that game (oh silly you) this is a great way to learn about it (you can play it too, you know? Just saying) or if you’re one of those who couldn’t finish the game due to its umm… roughness… *ahem* this is a great way to finish it, or read it to the end if you prefer, there’s also quite some topics to read for a while and some other games that I’m sure you’ll find interesting.

Refreshing my memory about Demonophobia made me remember how much I like that game and that I have to step up the game a bit if I want this to be as good… even though I already shot myself in the foot since one of the things I like the most about it is its simplicity which I already screwed up.

So anyway, here is the link again, and one to his Demonophobia review in which you can find the whole walkthrough:

Sanity is Overrated

See you later, hopefully with good news.

For things related to the game comment in the previous posts.

Opdayt… about nothing…

Posted in Uncategorized on November 27, 2012 by Vosmug

Oh hai.

Since I haven’t updated in a while I figured I should post something… so, I dunno… stuff…

Things are moving along fairly well, even though it’s a very slow process given my very boring and plain dull day job, I thought after college things were going to be easier, but it turns out is the complete opposite, why nobody told me the real world was so boring and still managed to take all of your energy and time? *sigh* well, whatever…

I don’t know what else to say really… I don’t even feel like updating without having anything interesting to say, except: “Dudes, I’m doing the exact same thing I’m supposed to be doing yay” soooooo… there you have it.

See you later… I guess… ughh…





I’m sorry….


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Sorry, due to major reasons I’ve been out of town this past week… lots of… stuff… happened… so yeah….

As you may have guessed, The Wraith was the winner, congratulations Anolicious, there weren’t as many votes as i thought though, i guess there’s not that much audience anymore… oh well, I always saw this mosnter as a clown of sorts, huh, that of course is barely a preliminary sketch, the skin should be a bit more of a zombie like color (I think), and the limbs should be black instead of red, also, the pose ended up being a bit too heroic, but whatever, as I said it’s just a sketch…

So Anolicious, please contact me at, you’ll connect your monster a bit more into the story and decide the final look of it, so I’ll mail you back with the details once you do so.

As long as progress, well… I’ve been out for a while and soon I’ll be starting a new full time job so… it sucks, but the game is still moving along, slowly but at least it hasn’t stopped…

See you later, I’m going to take my meds now…

Let’s vote… I guess?

Posted in Uncategorized on October 26, 2012 by Vosmug

Ugh damn… it was way more difficult than I thought, I wasn’t planning on doing this but we finally ended up with these entries as the possible winner, Headless Maiden and The Wraith, so to decide it I’ve decided to leave the final decision to voting, the reason is I’m perfectly fine with either, they are just as good, but I really don’t know which one should be, so you can help me there…

The full picture and information about the Wraith can be found here: Picture and Info , and the one from the Maiden:  Picture and Info.

Vote for the one you like the most, also think about which one would be more interesting and more memorable.

Now to give you a better rundown for the runner ups, the closest to these two was the Victim’s Advocate, it was really neat, but its generic beast like form hurt it compared to the finalists, next in no particular order where the Blood Seeker, the floating armored guy; the Butcher, which was pretty good but very similar to others… and the one we dubbed Terrifying Monster… some others looked like normal monsters instead of invincible chaser monsters, and another one really good was the girl with the skull guide but that one looks more like a story element than a powerful chaser enemy, and if you don’t mind, I could take some of those ideas and designs for normal enemies…

So anyway, I guess voting will be closed by next week, I think a week is good enough time to receive enough votes.

Thanks to all again for participating, see you later.


Posted in Uncategorized on October 23, 2012 by Vosmug

Deadline was yesterday so here you go, thanks again to everyone for taking the time to participate, there were way more entries than I expected and I feel kinda bad for choosing only one since there are several good ones.

Anyway, those up there are the entries in no particular order, I will select the the winner myself based not only on design but also on concept and will update sometime this week around Thursday or Friday, also here’s some quick sketches I did for some of the simpler drawings just to see how they will actually look.

So thanks again and good luck.

Place your bets.