• What’s the name of the game?

Not named yet, but probably Prisonkage will be the final name. Prisonkage, pronounced like: Cage NOT Japanese: Kage.

  • Which software is used to make the game?

Game Maker 8.

  • Is there any connection with Xeno/Demonophobia?

Inspiration only, it’s obviously heavily inspired by them, I wish I had this idea before…… at one point I planned to make it a Demonophobia fan sequel called Genophobia (Hentai related, actually a nice idea for one) or Gymnophobia (fear of Gym Class lol, no not really), but not sure now, the possibility is still there.

  • Exactly what kind of content will there be in the game?

It is now decided that it will have both Gore and Hentai, Actually, now I have decided there won’t be any explicit Hentai, Ecchi-like at most, as for more specific content it’s easier to say what content I won’t add: About the Gore, I don’t want to add extreme pain or suffering (odd I know), I’m ok with blood and guts but not so much with torture, and definitely no inflation (that is boobs and stomach, never got the point of that, but that was mostly in the hentai regard) and HELL NO scat!!

  • Why don’t you create a suggestions page so we can give advice about monsters, H events, Guro Events and stuff??

Umm, I thought about that but, it was never intended as a “community project”, I want to make my own thing, the whole poll and hentai/gore business doesn’t really change much of the main idea of the game, that’s why I listened to people there. Maybe I will ask for specific ideas or specific changes, but I don’t think it will be open ended suggestions….

  • Why don’t you sell your game/games or add a donation button?

For now there’s no direct PayPal service where I live, you still need a USA bank account; nor any other money transfer service I know of, besides this is still a hobby, the moment it becomes something more serious I’ll have to figure out a way to get my monies, but until then, this is how it is… Prisonkage will be free regardless though, maybe donations would be nice in the future but first I’ll have to figure out a way, and right now I have no idea and don’t care much.

35 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. DakotaMidnightBlue Says:

    How much non-guro hentai do you plan on adding into the game?
    I like the one that you already have in the test.

    • How would you feel if i say that maybe not even that one is going to be in the final game???

      Ok, as is said in my previous posts, i’m actually thinking about taking out the hentai part… buuuuut, i’m not sure yet since the main idea for the story i planned from the beginning revolves pretty much around hentai, sooo, i’m still deciding.

      At the beginning the idea was to have the same amount of both, but nothing is for sure yet, need to think more about that.

      • DakotaMidnightBlue Says:

        Well, I mean, it’s your game anyways.

        Since it’s based off of Demonophobia ( or is it a remake, ) it would make sense that there is no hentai content in it.
        Personally, I would be sad. I really like the art style, too.

      • At first it was going to be a fan sequel of sorts.
        And is fine you people put your thoughts about it, the only thing i won’t do is to add things i really don’t like, like scat or some other weird fetish, even extreme Guro i don’t like (weird huh, well i mean, really extreme, like futaba channel extreme), but other than that anything should be said and if more people want it, then it could be done.

        We’ll see.

      • i’m just an anonimous guy on the internet but sill.i want to tell you that i’d still like you to reconsider your decision to remove hentai content from the game,albeit self imposed an eccessive policing of the content would infringe on the creative process

      • If I removed it, it was because I really didn’t like the hentai in it anymore, whatever the reasons I wanted to tell a different story and hentai wasn’t part of it, so there’s nothing to reconsider, this was talked about a million times before already, you’re late to the hate party, that being said, the reason I started that other hentai game was preceisly because of that, so instead of having this game with half assed hentai content, now you have one entirely made with hentai in mind, I think you would agree that’s way better.

      • man no one is hating on anything,i’m just giving you an advice,also can you tel what’s this other game?also are you sure that dividing your efforts between two game is a good idea?
        thanks for your reply,regards

      • I’m not dividing efforts, I’ll do one then the other, this one is the one i’ll be finishing later.

        Check the second post in the main page.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is there going to be vore?

    • Yes, i didn’t even know about that, but someone suggested it and now i’m doing some hungry enemies, i don’t think is going to be that extreme or with that “CSI-esque zoom-inside” thing, but some of that is definitively there.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know man, as many people as there are who enjoy guro, I’d be pretty certain there are 30x as many who don’t…

    • Anonymous Says:

      So you believe there should be none based on the majority?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Guy can make whatever game he wants to make. Just saying that if he wants to be a crowd pleaser (of the largest crowd) then that route would be the way to go.

      • Crowd pleaser to me sounds like the nerdy kids who wants to be popular… heh… umm… mainly, if i don’t like something i won’t put it in that’s for sure, even if people want it, but i’m ok with both.

        To be perfectly honest, first it started as a bloody/violent/hentai game, but i had my doubts about the hentai part, but since the Gurochan guys were the first ones interested in the game you can see what side i was taking, now since there’s a larger crowd favoring towards Hentai (well, both H y G) then it could happen too, i’m starting to give in and i’ll probably end up adding both, tho, the hentai animations will probably take more time (more frames, bouncy stuff all over the place, etc) so we’ll see.

        About the first comment, i don’t think that’s a good reason to pick something over something else, kinda hypocritical of me but… i just want to test the ground and see if my liking is what other people will like too, or change it a little without taking out my own approach, but is not a decisive factor… and “enjoy” is a strong word, at least for me, i certainly don’t “enjoy” Guro per se, i’m fine with it (obviously) and i think is interesting but “enjoying” it just like the word suggest – “guts and death, yay” – seems kinda twisted, sounds weird coming from the one who’s going to kill that poor girl in a bunch of horrible ways but.. yeah… don’t know how’s that for everybody else, i’m certainly no one to judge and i’m fine with whatever people like as long as it doesn’t involve hurting anyone else in any way… this topic kinda deserves it’s own post….

  4. ((mainly, if i don’t like something i won’t put it in that’s for sure, even if people want it, but i’m ok with both.))

    I also hope that the opposite is also true.
    That if you want something to be in it, you’ll put it in. Even if people don’t want it ^_^

    • Oh yeah!!…. like censoring… mwuahahahahaha…

      But seriously, i don’t think i like something so evil that other people won’t like, specially given the crowd we have here, well, obviously some people don’t like guro but you know what i mean… probably game mechanics wise or something else like that but content wise, even if Hentai is preferred by the majority, i’ll probably find away to censor violence by choice or something, i don’t think i’ll remove it entirely.

  5. I think you should focus on community what for you wanted create game. At this moment you have post from persons what do not like guro. But this look at forums where is put info about this game. For example http://www.ulmf.org – community what do like hentai but not guro. Put link in to guro forums and you will get more positive coments from guro fans. Generally do what you want, it is your own game. If it will be well done you will found fans nevermind with community will be your target.

    I personally do like both hentai and guro. If game will be well made I will be happy from both. If you connect them you can create something completly hardcore – for me that is ok.

    • I understand what you say… i think…

      Personally i don’t wanna go around publicizing this like an attention whore, at least not until i have something solid to show, like a demo (ugh, i know damn it)… and i know i should have focused on a target audience of my choice, but the people here came on their own, and that’s awesome, cause i had a bare idea of what i wanted and was very indecisive about it, but now i have a better idea of what i’ll do, thanks to that, or at least i’m going to try…

  6. Hello, i think you should stick to your guts and let the game follow the way you feel, because thats the way the greatest ideas always come.
    but i will like if there is a way to minimize/censure the guro material.

    good luck with this proyect it look very promising and have fun making it :)

    PD: obviously my native lenguaje isn´t english so go rough on me.

    • Mine isn’t english either, i can’t even write properly sometimes…

      The problem was that i had a real confusion about it… read the answer below.

  7. Games Dude Says:

    I’ve been following this for a little while now, and having read your previous plans, how they’ve changed, and where you stand currently, at least based on your responses here, I came up with an idea I thought I might share.

    Since, obviously enough, you intended it to be a hentai game at first, but then moved away from that aspect, I think you should stick with your own preference. Certainly people will want hentai, but if you want to make it a guro game, go right ahead. However, a middle route that may work would simply be different things for different events.

    Say, as a random example, that the first stage has a bird monster (generic damage, no rape/guro), an ogre or humanoid (rape, no guro), a wall trap of some sort (guro, death), a floor trap of some sort (guro, death), and a giant lizard boss that had one rape move, one move that will trigger guro if it kills and standard moves that provide neither hentai nor guro.

    This would mean that you wouldn’t need to put in any more hentai content than you wanted to, but could still keep what you do include separate, in a way, so that the people who don’t want to see the guro can do a sort of “pants up playthrough” first to see what does what.

    This would also encourage people to experiment more and see everything as they go along.

    But keep in mind that it is your game and these are only suggestions and ideas that I think might work. If you dissagree, feel free to ignore them.

    • Sounds good, in some regards even better than just censoring… knowing what an enemy would do from the beginning sounds good too… that and censoring would allow you to know exactly what you’re getting into… those 3 options sounds like any of them would be the way to go… out of those, i’ll probably end up doing what comes easier which i don’t know what that would be just yet, i’ll have to actually try and see how it goes.

      Thanks, good idea, next post will probably be about this mess i caused with the content and i’ll give a definitive answer, let’s see what happens.

      …pants up playthrough, lol.

  8. Happy Negro Says:

    Why doesn’t this game want to work on a 32mb graphics card? Is it in 3d or something? Also certain circumstances have pretty much made me unable to use a better computer than the one I’m on right now.

    • You mean the early demo thing? Well, i’m not sure since the software is not mine, you’ll have to google Game Maker performance issues or something, but on my old computer without a gfx card and old processor a lot of GM games didn’t ran, i’m guessing that’s because of larger bitmaps and sprites, old and internal gfx cards can’t handle that sometimes, so…. sorry man, can’t help you there.

      Try to test other GM games around the internet, maybe you’ll have an idea on how the performance works.

  9. AnonymousFacedfish Says:

    So how’s the game going so far? Will there be a demo released anytime soon?

    • Yep, soon sounds about right. Not giving any dates cause in my case you never know whats going to happen, i learned my lesson.

      • AnonymousFacedfish Says:

        Just how much time have you put into the alpha (beta?) demo of this game?

      • Seems like it’s taking too long isn’t it?

        I started around the end of october 2011, then by early january this year my board got fried and only a couple of weeks ago i updated my computer, so really not that much by game development standards, about 3 months not counting the time i was out of bussines, and even like taht is not like i work 24/7 on it, i’m a lazy bastard, i only work at nights, in the day when i’m not working (freelance job) or studying, i’m probably playing some free MMO.

  10. AnonymousFacedfish Says:

    If I can help, I will, but I know jack about game designing. Regardless, I can’t wait for a demo!

  11. so were can i download the game or demo pls tell me

  12. the ghost Says:

    hay is there gonna be hentai in it cose hentai ant guro are the perfect match of games type

  13. Anonymous Says:

    i cant get passed the hand that rips off your head

  14. Anonymous Says:

    The game gives me a “No sound device detected. Sounds might not play.” error on startup, and indeed, sounds do not play.

    Why? I’ve a bunch of other RPG maker games, and sounds on them work without any issues

    • Is not an RPG Maker game, it’s a Game Maker game. Have you tried other games made in the same engine? You can find more at yoyogames in the sandbox section, make sure to try one with no external music files, that might be the problem.

      Or you can try Kyrieru’s Eroico or Kurovadis demos, since those are big games, it might be a good benchmark to see if you can run games made with this engine.

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