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Developer: 237氏さん

The one that started it all, or at least it did for me, it came out of nowhere and quickly became a cult game, gameplay and graphics wise is pretty basic, specially gameplay wise, some may say it’s broken and that makes it very dificult, but that’s part of it’s charm too… charm… right… this game has everything but charm… the game doesn’t have any sound or music, which strangely enough makes it even more creepy, of course it would have been better whit it.

The idea behind the game is what sets it apart, very well thought out and executed, the concept itself is worth every frustrating and infurating death… but only for patient players…

The one that inspired me, and i’m guessing inspired other developers too…



Developer: 窓の人(旧237)

A fan sequel to Demonophobia, that looks like is becoming an actual sequel, it has better gameplay and graphics and it has a way more daunting atmosphere that suits the enviroment and the concept very well, the only downside in my opinion is that the main character is way too young, younger than the one in Demonophobia, about 10 i guess, but is not really a downside, just personal taste, i’m not a fan of lolis being hurt :(.

It is supossedly still in development but there hasn’t been news in a while.


Splatter School

Developer: Marimo (アンコクマリモカン)

As far as i know, it was inspired by Demonophobia, and obviously Splatterhouse, it has guro mixed with some hentai but i think guro is way more prevalent.

The concept is pretty neat, gameplay wise is a little bit funky, not Demonophobia level funky, but still it is very playable and enjoyable, the progression is very linear which is good or bad depending on the player, i personsally would have liked better a more exploration-based progression like in Splatterhoouse 3, but given the gameplay choice this was probaly the best way to go, the graphics are pretty good, and the backgrounds particulary are pretty awesome, some monster designs and the bosses are great, some others are just weird.

Game Link

Developer’s Site

I’ll be adding more games later, i’m also receiving suggestions, of course i’m only adding the ones i like.

11 Responses to “Mini Reviews”

  1. WhiteWind Says:

    Don’t you like Blank Blood game?

  2. AnonymousFacedfish Says:

    I got one for you. Try “Another Dimension.” It’s pretty bad, and I mean that in multiple contexts.

    • I have tried it, i wouldn’t say is bad, but it is a bit rough and basic, and i find very odd a realistic young girl jumping like mario, doesn’t seem very sensical, but that’s a personal preference, also i’m not fan of the math problems, i’m dumb.

  3. hey, i’m trying splatter school and i’m enjoying it but, can someone plese tell me how the hell can i kill stage’s 3 boss? heh thanks

    • I just kept the shotgun :/ Don’t use it at all after picking it up and keep it till the boss (who i have named Lucifer). Owns his ass.

      • AnonymusFacedFish Says:

        Well, how did you even get that far? Whenever I beat the first stage, the game sends me back to the main menu.

  4. Though you noted before that torture wasn’t really your thing, Hanakanmuri is also a decent game. It hit me a lot harder than the Phobia games and Splatter School, even if the deaths weren’t as gruesome. It made me actually want to keep the girl alive and play through to the end so she could be happy and see her parents again.

    The developer either did something very right or very wrong if he made a guro fan want to keep a video game girl alive when bloody death is optional. Considering the quality of the game, I’d say right. It’s far from perfect, but it’s one of the more polished games of its genre.

    • I find kinda disturbing the idea of this very lively colorful world, and that chibi cutesy sprite, not to mention very young character, (not a fan of loli) in contrast with the ryona theme, is just too evil for me, I know I contradict myself all the time with this, but i wanna feel that the character going thorugh it at lesat somehow deserves what’s happening to her, instead of the maker being evil for no reason at all, just for the sake of being evil.

      Does that make any sense?

  5. Do you know Studio S? Well, they’ve got quite a lot of guro in their games, specially in Battle Slave Fantasia, that one is messed up as hell. It doesn’t have bad graphics, but the gameplay is kinda frustrating, and also it is quite cruel, but still guro and a bit of h content.

    • I do, pretty heavy stuff, those old flash games are pretty messed up too… truth is that kind of content is out of my league, as you said, too cruel for my taste.

      Still are the best hentai/guro games gameplay wise i’ve seen, or that i can remember.

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