The line of the dead (aka Deadline)

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First of all, thanks to all who  participated on the contest, will be a tough decision  since there are some really good entries… deadline will be October 22, that is one week from now, in case someone else wants to enter see previous post for more info.

As far as progress goes, everything is going normally, as I said once, I’m in underground mode so no big reveals for now, I’m hoping to have a good chunk of the final game already done by the end of November, please don’t quote me on that one, let’s just hope I can keep up the pace.

I don’t have much else to say for now so, see you later.


Big cheese contest

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Mmmhhh….. Not that good….

So, I’m retaking work in the next couple of days, I need to finish this already and I think you agree with me, in the mean time I want to propose a contest for the people interested in doing something bigger for the game, this time around I want to let you create the unkillable chaser enemy of the game, you know the one, think Pyramid Head, the Butcher or… mmhhh… I don’t know anyone else… I wasn’t planning on adding it because it looked too gimmicky but as a user-created one, it’s a perfect excuse to have it… the last contest I did didn’t go to well, let’s see how this one goes…


  • Create an enemy of a powerful nature that will chase the main character trough some parts of the game, also will have special cut scenes here and there.
  • You MUST draw a reference picture, I won’t use your drawing cause I have to redraw it but I need a reference of your idea on how it looks, you don’t have to be an artist to enter, even a simple Paint drawing will do, the most important thing is the design itself, not your drawing skills, check the previous winner and you’ll see what I mean.
  • Can be anything you think about, humanoid, biped,  animal, invisible, airborne, male, female, a giant lobster, whatever, just try to make it fit the setting, just think him/her in a hellish-like place and you are good to go, you know how the game looks like already; go nuts on the design but make it fit the setting.
  • Has to be a reasonable size in line with the character, if it’s big just don’t go too crazy that it doesn’t fit the screen, check the screenshots for size reference.
  • You can give it, motion patterns, evasion mechanics for the character and some kills if you want, but it MUST be mechanically coherent with the rest of the game, I’m still missing one usable item, so you can think about a weapon or artifact or something to use it with this monster, and as you might know by now, NO HENTAI-like kills, grabs or whatever, some light fan service is ok but I’ll judge if it fits or not.
  • There’s no deadline for now, it will probably last a few weeks or so, or more until it’s time to add it, probably more, I’ll post a deadline later, but it’s open starting from now.

The winner will be able to tie the monster into the story in whatever way big or small they want, of course I will give you the guidelines and a brief explanation of the story, but for now just have a vague idea of what you want for it.

Anyone can participate, cualquiera puede paticiapar, どなたでも参加することができます, N’importe qui peut participer, Jeder kann teilnehmen, 누구나 참여하실 수 있습니다, kind of pretentious but whatever, I’ve noticed people from different countries around so they might be interested too.

I apologize in advance for my Google translate skills.

Send entries to, or post them here if you want to share it with everyone.

I’ll decide later if the winner will be decided by votes or just by me in secret, that also depends on the number of entries.

Feel free to ask anything you don’t get… see you around.

Melting… brain…

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The reason I haven’t been around lately is because I’ve been really busy with school work this last month or so, but I’ll be done with that by next week, which means I’ll be school-free… forever… and I’ll start working on the game way more often, that is actually the only thing holding this game and my other personal projects back since it started (College final project)… so yeah…

Also, by next week I’ll be doing that contest I talked about, so if you care about the game and want to do an important part for it, tune in next week… but first I need to see if at least more than 5 people are interested, it has to do with the design of an important kind of enemy, even more important than bosses… so let me know if it’s worth it… I don’t post it here because I really can’t think very well right now…

Finally, I think I’m more open to suggestions now, so feel free to suggest traps, enemies, deaths or whatever… i don’t promise I’ll respond to every comment or to add everything but I’ll read all and consider them.

See you next week…

Demo Update

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Download Demo 0.2

Today is not last week right? Yeah well, things happen, I just wanted to update the demo to fill the void left by the last one so it’s no big deal… soooo, don’t get too excited about this one, it’s the same as the previous one with bug/glitch fixes and a bit of extra playable content, not much but enough to give you a better idea of the actual direction of the game.

About the update, bugs and glitches were fixed (I hope so), the dialog changed a bit to accommodate better the script change and there’s a couple of playable minutes from the second level; also it is way easier now since some enemy behavior was tweaked and there are way more checkpoints… maybe too easy, but I’m the wost judge for that so I can’t really say…

I know this game is taking way more than expected but right now I can’t do much to speed things up, because you know… school and stuffs, so you’ll have to suffer along with me on this one.

I think I’ll be preparing a contest to ease the wait… mmhhh….

Anyway, feel free to post bugs, glitches, spelling mistakes, comments, death threats for ruining your game, questions and all that…

See you later.


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Edit (Aug 17): Heh, sorry, if you are wondering, no, there is NO download link for now, I removed it to stop spreading the confusion, I will replace it with an updated demo around next week I hope, been kinda busy these days; this demo will have the same as the first one but with the content change I discussed earlier and a bit of the second level and some new enemies and traps, so don’t expect half game or anything like that…. sorry for not updating that often but I don’t like updating small stuff, so I don’t have much to talk about, unless you want me to talk about politics or global warming, heh.

Here’s a pic with some new characters and enemie so you don’t say I haven’t been doing anything.

If you’re wondering where the hell have I been, I said I was going to continue on my own without much hype and upload only when I think I have something solid, so that’s what I’ve been doing, of course I’m dealing with some other stuff like college and work but it’s moving along quite better than I expected for now, and that’s saying a lot.


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So ok, not so good news… it’s pretty much decided that I’m not following the same path I did in the demo, this project was becoming something I wasn’t very comfortable with so… I will refrain myself from adding any more explicit hentai and remove the few related content it already has.

So yeah, not a hentai game anymore you might say.

Why? For one, as I said, I’m not comfortable with it, to me it looks silly between all the death and gore, of course, my vision of the game may be different to what you see, so maybe that’s the reason, people have told me that in this case, hentai makes sense, and I agree, but is not the idea I had, it somehow got twisted into this, but sorry, now I want to follow my original idea, which is not that “original” anymore since it changed quite a lot even without hentai, but it’s closer to what I had in mind at first at least.

Second, it will be easier doing only one thing instead of two, let alone a second one I was never 100% sure about, now, I know that was the very point that started this mess, and I regret it, I should have gone with my own decision instead of letting people vote, of course people want hentai that’s a no brainer… duh.

Third, recent events made me realize right now I’m not in the best mental state to be doing something I don’t feel comfortable with, so I don’t want to push that.

And I think there will still be boobs and all that, but purely incidental… not explicit stuff for this one.

Now that being said, if I ever do another game after this one, at this point chances are it will be a full fledged hentai game, as I said in a previous post, I have some ideas for that… I know what you are thinking, “If you will do a hentai game, why not doing it here?” Because that’s not the idea I had for this game, simple as that, it just changed due to my own bad judgment, now I’m not very pleased with it, so I’m going back.

So yeah, there you have it… um… yeah.

I’m probably going into underground mode now, and release only when ready, is not like I update very often anyway.


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First of all, this was supposed to be the first boss, but I have decided to cut it out… that because I’ve decided to cut some content, most of it, if not all, you don’t know what it is so it’s not really a loss… that also comes from the fact that I’m having serious second thought about this game, which sounds stupid after all this time and all that has happened but… you never know how things develop and change… I don’t want to let this game die, that’s why I’m cutting content out.

So yeah, the reason for the Bosses cut is, not only this boss but all of the bosses, is that they have to be more complex than regular enemies they require more drawing too, and since I’m fucking lazy, it’s too much work for enemies that only will appear once, of course, I can use them several times if I want, but it will be cheap, it’s better to do several small enemies that a big one and use it several times… so cut until a new, better, option appears, or I stop being lazy and change my mind…

About the demo update, I’m not the kind of person who releases a new demo every small change, that’s why there only will be one or two more demos until the final game, if at all, already fixed most of the glitches and bugs, but I wanted to wait for the first boss, but since that idea is dead now, I want to wait until I do an special event that will appear at the end of every level, and part of the second level, to me there’s no point in releasing only fixes, there should be a bit more for you to play, that being said here are the changes I will add, are already fixed, and some I will NOT add, at least for now, but probably won’t anyway.

Feel free to point out something new, or repeat anything if i missed it, or object my decisions, but i don’t think i will change my mind that easily… there was something else about decreasing the hentai content even removing it entirely, cause to be honest, it lokks kinda silly between all the blood and death, but that’s not for sure yet.