26 Responses to “Screenshots”

  1. Hi Vosmug! Wondering what you are using to create your game? :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    will she be fully naked later, like in demonophobia?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hope you decide to keep the gore in the game despite the recent poll. I think it would be more fun with it. Progress looks great so far by the way!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hear, hear! The poll can’t be accurate anyway, as anybody can vote as many times as they want (you can vote even after going to another section of the blog).

  5. Anonymous Says:

    There are many talented people doing hentai, very few doing guro.

    So this game could be another mediocre hentai game, or one of the best guro games of all time. Probability THE best of the western hemisphere, judging from the skill that you showed thus far.

    If you’re not entirely against it, I think I would take the chance for immortality, even if it was in a smaller community.

    • Is this like… passive idealistic terrorism???

      That’s new…

      Ummm…. nothing to report yet… let’s just wait, but i think the answer is clear by now, i now i will get some people hating me in the next post… or maybe not… i don’t know…

    • Insanitylass Says:

      I completly support that, it’s better if the game was more gore than an hentai/gore hybrid :/

  6. Anonymous Says:

    whoa, that drill thingy looks promising

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Love the newest screenshot, glad to see a heart related death :D

  8. Bearmouth Says:

    Oh, yeah, it looks promissing. i’m ansious for this, and i hope we would have some guro too. Btw, sorry for the english.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    i lkie that character style and i think u can find some idea in lovecraft maybe? already u know i wanna download i can ready pay money because i have many steam game my think good make game need pay and i hope keep make that

    • Lovecraft? Funny becuase there is an enemy that looks like a mini Cthulu and needs to be added… i don’t need more inspiration, most of the game is done in paper, i just need to get it done already…

      Umm… it’s difficult to read, but from what i gather…

      This game will not be sold, will be free to download, when it’s ready heh…

      Was that it??

  10. What’s the name of this game, looks interesting. :-P

  11. It would be great if that scene of her naked stayed

  12. You can put up a donate button anytime you’d like and I’d gladly throw down some cash.

  13. I hope there’s a part where she walks around naked like demonophobia (screenshot where’s she’s naked). I know it’s not an H game anymore, but some fanservice would still be nice. Please don’t remove it :(

  14. When can we play to your new version:D
    I can’t wait !!

  15. Nice game. Please add more scream sound in different guro scenes. Beside, I hope you will add more guro scene such as split in halves in vertical / horizontal mode…. Waiting for more news and have a nice day.

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